AAP Education Ambassadors | Feature 3-Forum

AAP Education Ambassadors

As part of our expanded course provision, out of state guest lecturers will be visiting Perth to present their course materials. Having traveled and presented interstate and overseas I really appreciated having 'locals' show me

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APA Conference 2011 | Free Safety Webinar | Feature 2-Course Log On

APA 2011 Conference

Well this was the first conference I have been to and it was really good! A big congratulations to the APA. Great physical location and the program delivered quality in many discipline areas. Several times I really needed to have multi-bodies so that I could be in two presentations at the same time.

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2012 Coure Dates | Free Student Webinar | Feature 1-Profile Page

We are really excited to now open our new website to the public. For those that have been using the www.esperancephysio.com site in the past you will really appreciate the added features and ease of use that our new site offers. 

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