Nurturing You & Tax Time Provides Opportunities

I am just finishing up going around and around the paddock, seeding our hay crop and winter graze crop. Each paddock takes about 8 hours and gives me plenty of time to think - well that is what I tell my wife (also a great time to absorb a couple of talking books). I do this each Autumn and it usually involves sewing a main crop like oats, barley or triticale. However I have been reading and looking a bit deeper at the ways plants interact, support and nurture each other. One good example is the interaction between legumes and grasses. Legumes, with the help of rhizobia bacteria, fix atmospheric nitrogen and deposit it into the soil making it available for the grasses. For this reason we mix...

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Slackining Course in Australia

Dr Phil Gabel completed the first Australia course in Slacklining Rehabilitation in Brisbane Nov 15. We are planning on having this course presented in each state. As it is a one day course, Sundays work well and we are looking for a progressive practice in each state interested in hosting. Due to the nature of the course, access to a park (with solid trees) or structural fixtures (bollard, poles etc) is required, about  3 - 5 m apart is ideal. Please email me if you are interested in being involved. Attached is picture of part of the group trying out the structured progression program that can be used with sports, ortho, msk and neuro clients. To read more about the...

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Advanced Lower Quadrant

Wednesday and Thursday were the last 2 days in this 6 day block of dry needling courses. Congratulations to Allan for traveling from Sweden to undertake a full 6 days of dry needling training. Allan was pretty keen on surfing so have included a pararoma that I took camping the weekend before at Cape Arid NP - not too many other campers on this beach! Just us, waves, whales and one seal. Wednesday was a pretty full on day, with a 2 hour wet lab anatomy session at UWA. Judging from feedback this was really well received and the over whelming consensus was that it was better having the Wet Lab in the middle of the courses, rather than right at...

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Advanced Upper Quadrant Course

An amazing couple of days with a group of experienced and enthusiastic talking about upper quadrnat clinical conditions and how to incorporate dry needling into current clinical experience. Love the sharing that happens between experienced practitioners.       We found the medial pterygoids of the year - see picture and while no photo credits were requested, thanks to Liz for sharing her inner secrets :)   Following on from participants suggestions some changes have been made for the 2016 course, thanks for everyone's input. Some course comments; "Safe needling through the thorax especially through not so obvious muscles like serratus posterior superior and better ways to needle through paravertebrals. Very good experience drawing out the rib cage + knowing where...

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Introductory Dry Needling Course

Just completed the Introductory Course in Perth. This would have to have been the most diverse group for a long time, and such fun. We had great mix of; rural and metro practitioners,a diversity across professions; physios, osteopath and OTage and experience; recent grads and old handsplus internationals (Sweden, UK and Canada) and locals I was using a different format of presentation this time and apart from some teething issues related to manuals found that the flow was much better and feedback was overall positive. Some great suggestions were made from participants and these will be taken on board for the next course. "Interaction wit Doug was fantastic. No question was silly so I felt very comfortable to ask every question...

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AAP Education Focus on VideoXs for Android

    Following the huge success of VideoXs on the apple platform and after repeated requests we are in the final stages of making this stand alone exercise prescription app available to android users. PLUS With this new android build, we have incorporated many user requests but kept the app simple and streamline.   *** KEY FEATURES INCLUDE *** A Stand Alone App - No database, No cloud, No hacking, No Setup, Contract or Monthly fees Only requires the clinician to have a smart phone (tax deductible) Client can receive exercises as email or printed copy Ultimate Clinician customization of Problems, Goals, & Solution Modules Solutions options include Aerobic, Strength, Flexibility & Customised (Vestibular, Cardio) Use in camera function for stills...

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AAP Education Focus on Fascial Manipulation Courses

    Fascial Manipulation Level 1 & 2 Courses Now in Australia    With textbooks printed in 6 languages and courses conducted around the world, this comprehensive system of fascial examination and treatment pioneered by Luigi Stecco, an Italian Physiotherapist, is ideally suited for physiotherapists, osteopaths, medical doctors & chiropractors. These day courses are intensive, where theory lessons, demonstrations, and practice between participants alternate throughout the day. I personally have not yet attended these courses, so I asked a previous course participant to write about their experience attending the Level 1 Course and subsequently the effect on their clients. "I completed the first Australian course in March 2013 when it was taught by Julie Ann Day, who has helped translate Luigi Stecco's...

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2015-Jumping out of your Groove

Hi With only a short time till the main Christmas break I trust that you have booked off some serious time quality time with family and friends. Also sometime with yourself to reflect on the year that has passed and what you have achieved, plus light some candles to represent your goals for next year. Clinical Grooves Professional development for me personally is the lifeblood of our profession. With time pressures it is too easy to continue repeating what was done yesterday, without reflection that there maybe a better way. This is not to say that years of treating experience are not as important as the new paradigm or in vogue technique. Not at all. Learning in our profession is very...

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Adelaide Course | Scholarships and Course Discounts

Hi Course Updates Adelaide Course It is a great pleasure to be offering colleagues in Adelaide the chance to attend Jeremy Lewis's The Shoulder: Theory & Practice. Conducted around Australia and internationally this is a very popular course. Places are limited and the course is now listed on our website for enrolment. Professional Development Special Offers - Students + Rural & Remote Practitioners We at AAP Education believe strongly in the ongoing commitment to professional development, as a means of individuals progressing their clinical skills and as a profession being able to offer high quality, effective services. Both of the following courses have available generous options for recent or financially challenged graduates to encourage their participation in professional development. The Mulligan...

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The Shoulder: Theory and Practice - Adelaide

The Shoulder: Theory & Practice Great news for SA physios as Dr.Jeremy Lewis is now going to be presenting this course in Adelaide for the first time in 2015. Certainly a 'must do course' for MSK and Sports inclined physiotherapists, be you in private or public practice. Full details can be found here 

5* $1000 Vestibular Scholarships for 2015 | Upcoming Courses| Student Special

Hi, As previously discussed I recently had the pleasure of learning from Jeremy Lewis about the management of rotator cuff conditions using exercise prescription. Importantly, how the evidence is strongly in favor of this approach in comparison to other interventions available; including medications and surgery. Being a ‘move well, stay well’ proponent, living and breathing exercise prescription everyday can make it seem passé. However when you see a client who has been given a downloaded exercise sheet and oral instructions of “do this twice a day,” it flies in the face of the skill required when correctly prescribing exercises. Whether assessing and determining a movement dysfunction in the shoulder or lumbar spine, the assessment findings, combined with an understanding of tissue...

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2015 Developing Clinical Expertise

I am really excited to let you know about some new courses that we have been able to arrange for early 2015 - actually these courses have all been requested from AAP Education membership. Mark Oliver's TMJ Course Presented by Mr. Mark Oliver (certified Mulligan concepts teacher), this 2 day practical workshop provides participants with new examination and treatment skills for TMJ disorders (utilising Mulligan's principals). Appropriately trained manual therapists can assist greatly in management of temporomandibular joint disorders (TMD). The manual therapist must have a sound knowledge of TMJ and orofacial anatomy, the role of postural disorders and spinal dysfunction on TMD, the ability to perform and evaluate an eclectic physical examination and the ability to carry out appropriate physical...

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We Are Listening | NEW Venue NEW Courses NEW State

A catch up on some of the new changes and opportunities available for you in 2013