New Dry Needling Course structure hits the Mark

We have just finished the first Introductory Dry Needling courses in Perth using the all new format of online theory and practical preparation, followed by a day of face to face training and case studies, complemented by a 2-hour wet lab at the University of WA.

"Theory and preparation work was very interesting and informative" Tim Castles

"Lecture series of theory and practical prior to attending practical workshop" Greg Hearn

"The pre-reading and broadening handouts were excellent" Ed Butcher

"Online course reinforced with practical sessions. Good repetition" Georgina Reed

A strong focus in the course remains on developing practical, hands-on skills and linking good palpation technique to learning correct surface and depth anatomy.

"One on one feedback as well as group theory and demonstration" Dan Johanson

"Where and how to locate muscles via palpation, with feedback provided while doing the course" Gemma Morcombe

"Palpation and drawing on each other to compliment the learning of anatomical structures" Britt Pethick

"Revision of surface anatomy with 3D perspective" Georgina Reed

Combining theory and practical skills is best brought together with real-life client case studies.

"Practical component and the clinical case scenarios examples" Darcy Lubcke

"Case studies very relevant" Britt Pethick

"Case studies were great to challenge clinical reasoning and adds to knowledge base" Greg Hearn

And because we all learn differently, in addition to having lifetime access to the online materials, we provide other resources too.

"Great manual containing all key concepts of the course" Greg Hearn

"DVD to take away with all muscles taught" Greg Hearn

While there have been some curve balls to straighten, the feedback has been seriously positive, which is fantastic. Thanks to the first group of 33 participants and all their awesome feedback. Your feedback is what makes the next course better, and it is highly appreciated. See you guys on the Advanced Courses soon.


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