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Adding Pics to Your Profile

A question recently posed is probably of interest to you as well. "I updated my profile pic, but couldn't see how to get my clinic image uploaded".

 Okay - Here goes. Log in and select Profile > Edit  > Edit your Details > Clinic Details. Now click on the drop down box for 'Upload new profile' and 'Browse' your computer for the pic. Then upload. Done. Thanks Adrian for the question.

Must Read Book

Christmas is a great opportunity for some reading and kicking back. I would strongly urge you to consider adding this book to your 'must read' list for the upcoming break. Certainly I wish I could have read it during undergraduate study, but then it wasn't written when they built the pyramids, as my children tell me!.

Titled 'The Brain that Changes Itself' it's written by Norman Doidge MD in 2007 and covers the history, trial blazers, intrigue, clinical miracles and research in a story centred on neuroplasticity. Want to know how blind people can see, what the origins of the mirror box was, why people feel like falling when lying on the floor, how to rewire aging brains after a stroke, raise IQ, the origins of bad habits or how to improve movement in children with CP or the concentration, reading and writing skills of children with autism?

Using interviews with leading researchers and personal stories to illustrate miraculous changes, Doidge has written an inspiring and wow factor book that is informative and a pleasure to pick up and read. As a clinician it provides a double bonus shining light on areas as diverse as chronic pain, learning disorders, mental illness, vestibular retraining and more.

Feature 4 - Memberships

A new service, Memberships allows manual therapists to access different levels of support and resources.

As a physiotherapist practicing in a rural and remote community, one of the biggest assistance for me professionally, was having the ability to communicate with others about difficult clinical cases - assessment tools to evaluate baseline and progression, medications to consider, clinical time frames, structuring goals & what treatment options did the evidence indicate appropriate.

AAP Education provides FREE access to Bronze Membership (e.g. Student Acupuncture & Dry Needling webinar, To Swab or not to Swab paper) which provides a range of website based resources. The Gold Membership in addition provides, Safety Series webinars, a 10% discount on products purchased and a one on one Skype session with me to discuss any clinical or research matters. Upcoming Resources include Safety Series - Cervical spine & Neck webinar and Safety Series - Thorax webinar. Platinum and PlatinumPlus Memberships are also available.

Other Information

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