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Summer Dry Needling Courses Perth - 2014

AAP Education


the elusive love muscle

We have just completed the Summer Season of dry needling courses in Perth. As usual the weather was exceptional and those traveling to Perth for the courses, were appreciative of the warm weather and clear skies.

New Skills

As with every summer or winter season of courses unique 'things' happened. During this block of courses Brittany let us all into a clinical secret - that she had discovered there was an elusive 'love muscle'. Participants also learnt about the new theory of Rib Relativity - if there are 12 thoracic vertebra, there usually won't be 16 ribs even if they are practicing to be physiocassos. Thanks Eloise.

New Suggestion

One of the suggestions made during these courses, was to develop a Key Prac List - so when transitioning from the demonstration phase to the practical phase, participants would have a summary of the key points to go through, in a step by step fashion with their prac partner. I have taken this on board and completed the appropriate Prac Summaries for each practical session in the Introductory Course and Advanced Upper Quadrant. These will now be included in each future course's manual.


Alternative Venue for Master Needling Course

how many ribs?

Participants were keen on the idea of having at least one course in Esperance,. I have often thought how it would be great to 'show off' the beauty of Esperance and immediate environs, but felt that the distance would be off putting. How wrong I was! It would seem that there is a strong level of enthusiasm to have the Master Dry Needling Course in Esperance. For this reason we are looking into delaying the 2014 Master Needling Course until autumn 2015. It will also provide an opportunity for those that complete their 'outstanding' Advanced Upper Quadrant or Advanced Lower Quadrant course in July, to join us in Esperance in March/April 2015.



As always it was a pleasure meeting both new and old friends on these courses, problem solve a few interesting situations and generally having a good time sharing information and experience.


All the best,

Doug Cary FACP
Specialist Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist (awarded by Australian College of Physiotherapy, 2009)
PhD Candidate Curtin University
Clinical Director AAP Education

email: doug@aapeducation.com.au

ph/fx: 08 90715055

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