Thank you | Helping others when we can

You are probably familiar with the turn of phrase 'we walk on the shoulders of those that went before'. Which expresses a significant amount of humility in acknowledging and appreciating the work that others have prior undertaken, to enable the 'we' to achieve the new things they are achieving.

Now turn that phrase around. 'Encourage those behind, to take bigger strides than those in front'. Not as eloquent I accept, but essentially, if we want individuals, organisations, profession, and humanity to achieve more positive outcomes, then the leaders of today need to challenge, encourage and support others to take aim higher than they previously considered possible.

One of the ways I believe this can be achieved is through education and the direct exposure to those that generate new ideas - presenters. Like clinical reasoning is a process of consideration, education is a balancing act of the known and the possible. Creating/expressing something new is a light bulb moment, that usually comes from years of practising the known and with an enquiring mind, suddenly realising an alternative is possible.

There are two groups of professionals that are more challenged than others when it comes to accessing PD. New and recent graduates; burdened with HECS debts and on a starting wage and the bush professional; where there are fewer professionals per head of population, higher levels of suicide, higher costs to attend PD and lower average life expectancy. Both groups can struggle to access PD for different reasons and yet PD is vital for professional development and longevity.

In acknowledgement of the vital roles these two groups play in our professions' ongoing development, AAP Education aims to provide financial assistance through reduced course fees, usually in the range of $100 -- $150 for a 2-day course. We aim to make it easier, for those that find it harder.

AAP Education also acknowledges the rare privilege, we have as individuals to be living and working in Australia and happily contribute thousands of dollars each year, to organisations that assist those finding themselves in not so fortunate circumstances. When you attend an AAP Education course, you are also supporting these groups and these organisations, and for that, I say a huge thank you.