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Wet Lab Program | Introductory Course #1

The first Anatomy Wet Lab workshop was held on Saturday. I found it an invaluable opportunity to look again at cadavers and put clinical information onto anatomical models and ask myself "what is actually under my fingers when palpating that spot".

Wet Lab Workshop

One of the attendees asked me the question "how do you remember so much?". The answer is pretty straight forward - I am constantly revising for courses, reviewing books and applying it on a day to day basis clinically. But the question drew an instant analogy in my mind - like CPR you need to do it on a regular basis to retain the important points. For this reason I would encourage you all to consider our next wet lab workshop on October 20th. In just two hours you certainly get to review a lot of important information.

Introductory Course

Today marked the completion of the first of 2 Introductory Courses being held over these 6 days. 21 enthusiastic souls challenged themselves to delve deeply (no pun intended) into their partners muscles in the pursuit of enhanced clinical skills.

In talking with participants between breaks, it was apparent that dry needling has definitely come of age from both employer's perspectives and the general public. - a far cry from when I first started teaching 16 years ago. Employers basically require graduates to have these skills if they want to work in private practice and the public also has a greater exception that manual therapists can provide this form of treatment.

Pics of the happy little vegemites and a note that it takes two to tango and sometimes two to get the pin in the right spot.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

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