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Top 4 Benefits of dry NEEDling

I was recently asked what in my experience were the top 4 benefits of dry needling. Tough call, but when I reflect on the clients that have been assisted, it comes down to the following mix. Neurophysiological effects There are many aspects to this component. Here are three. Firstly , It is unlikely that we are actually having a direct effect on the muscle (if that is what you are needling). In the same way, that the muscle is unlikely to be the tissue at fault. Most likely the muscle is reacting to and protecting some other irritated tissue and as a result of unaccustomed static activity became symptomatic. We know trigger points have a build up in neural sensitising metabolites and lower p...
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Developing Mental Toughness

Here are a couple of case study vignettes. This is what gets me out of bed in the morning. I would be interested in what you thought about this aspect of your practice. Last week I was referred 2 very different people, yet both were on struggle street with their injuries and perceived futures. One was a younger person that significant foot, tibia and knee injuries due to a mechanical accident. After 18 months of surgeries (foot reconstruction, tibial fixation - internal and external, skin flaps and grafts, ACL cleanup) he presented on two crutches, not wearing a shoe, foot NWB and pretty much blue and sweaty. He had constant pain, was online gaming pretty much all day, went to bed around 2-3...
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Transitioning into Private Practice

Hey! The transition from student to private practice professional can be a real jolt, what with all the new and added expectations. Actually, it is often overwhelming. So, what makes being in private practice daunting for new and recent grads? To get the ball rolling, here is a quote from one of our Strive & Thrive in Private Practice participants; "When I first started I found it difficult to combine a meaningful assessment, whilst thinking to myself the direction I was going to take with the treatment and then being able to effectively communicate with the patient without seeming like I wasn't confident. I guess it was all pretty overwhelming" Understandable when university undergradua...
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Time Effectiveness - How to grow Yours!

With the commencement of our current cohort of students undertaking the Strive & Thrive Course in Private Practice, one of the biggest issues being raised repeatably is time, or more specifically the lack of it. Reality says we have 24 hours max, and for mental and physical well-being most of us need to sleep around 7.5 - 8.5 hours (+ extra hour if you are pregnant). We discuss many strategies on during the Strive & Thrive Course but as I see it, there are two sensible ways to immediately improve your efficiency. Maximise Productivity To do this you first need to determine when you are most effective mentally (lark or owl) and use that time for high demand activities. I am generally ...
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Thank you | Helping others when we can

You are probably familiar with the turn of phrase 'we walk on the shoulders of those that went before' . Which expresses a significant amount of humility in acknowledging and appreciating the work that others have prior undertaken, to enable the 'we' to achieve the new things they are achieving. Now turn that phrase around . 'Encourage those behind, to take bigger strides than those in front'. Not as eloquent I accept, but essentially, if we want individuals, organisations, profession, and humanity to achieve more positive outcomes, then the leaders of today need to challenge, encourage and support others to take aim higher than they previously considered possible. One of the ways I believe ...
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Dry Needling Course Review

I recently completed a teaching block of 6 days dry needling in Perth, split between two venues. The lovely outlook over Lake Monger was a great setting for learning and sharing of new skills. What a great mix of students! Internationals from India, Hong Kong, Brazil, Singapore, and locals from both the east coast and west coasts of Australia. With the new course structure (Level 1 Introductory, Level 2 Spine & Lower Quadrant, Level 3 Spine & Upper Quadrant and Level 4 Master Needling Course), plus the integration of new technology for teaching there were lots of positive comments about the improved learning process: ​ Online prior learning Palpation skills review was great Lov ed th...
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MSK Medications: Alternatives Part 2

If you missed the first part of 'MSK Medications: Alternative Opportunities' you can catch it here . When considering what medications to use, individuals need to make informed decisions, balancing the research, the pros and cons (often a long list of side effects) and also examining alternative evidence-based options. Here are some alternative measures that can be used to modify pain. Analgesic Alternatives Pain Management Education Now I must admit that a lot of people just want to pop a pill and part of our responsibility is to explain the obvious, that is, having a longer term plan (with more than one strategy) for a longer term problem. Research has shown that as load/stress (physi...
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On the Farm - A Research Parallel

On the Farm - A Research Parallel
We are calving on the farm at the moment   Like anything to do with kids, it brings a stretched emotional spectrum of highs and not so highs. Yesterday (Friday) was one of those days - well evenings actually. Just on dusk, I was doing a pasture check and noticed one cow with a feeding calf, acting distracted and flicking her tail. Pretty late to be bothered by flies I thought, so I wondered over to check it out. Oh no - she couple of hoofs sticking out and judging by the activity of her other calf, it had been like that for several hours. So with the last glimmers of sunlight fading away, I set up the yards, the gates and tried to coax mum and calf towards them. Not going to happen was ...
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MSK Medications Awareness

MSK Medications Awareness
Qualifier : I am not a pharmacist or GP, so my drug knowledge is limited. That being said, being a primary contact practitioner it is important I have an awareness of the effects and side effects certain medications my clients might be taking. Also, not being 'brought up' with a script book in my back pocket, I am comfortable looking at alternatives and providing these suggestions to my clients. They can then discuss this with the other members of their medical team or do their own research. I recently had a client present with ongoing low back pain who was consuming 4 pain modifiers (including a patch) and 1 non-steroidal anti-inflammatory (NSAID) - all prescribed. In our practice, there ar...
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New Dry Needling Course structure hits the Mark

We have just finished the first Introductory Dry Needling courses in Perth using the all new format of online theory and practical preparation, followed by a day of face to face training and case studies, complemented by a 2-hour wet lab at the University of WA. "Theory and preparation work was very interesting and informative" Tim Castles "Lecture series of theory and practical prior to attending practical workshop" Greg Hearn "The pre-reading and broadening handouts were excellent" Ed Butcher "Online course reinforced with practical sessions. Good repetition" Georgina Reed A strong focus in the course remains on developing practical, hands-on skills and linking good palpation technique to ...
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