Ergonomic Training Courses

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Reduce pain, injury and insurance claims while improving staff morale and productivity with workstation ergonomic training and assessments by our industry-leading health professionals

1. Ergonomic Workstation Desk Setup Training Course

One of the unseen sources that cost businesses time and money every year is poor workstation ergonomics which can be improved with workstation ergonomic assessment and training. An uncomfortable employee cannot focus and engage with their work to the degree that they would like to when their mind is on the pain in their lower back, or strain on their wrists. Ergonomics in the workplace is, therefore, a key part of achieving targets and retaining staff. Use this course to up-skill your employees to enable safe and correct workstation setup.

Benefits For Companies

  • Ensure all workers are set up comfortably at their desks and/or home offices to reduce the chance of future strain
  • Comply with workplace health and safety legislation to provide a safe workplace and implement any ergonomic equipment that may be required before pain or injury begins
  • Educate workers around best practice ergonomics and appropriate rest breaks 
  • Helps manage, mitigate and deflect personal injury claims through workstation ergonomic assessments
  • Gain advice on ergonomic chairs and equipment to save the company spending money on inappropriate equipment

Benefits For Employees

  • Reduction in aches and pains from computer-based tasks
  • Assessment of each individual’s ergonomic needs and implementation of recommended equipment with workstation ergonomic training
  • Increased understanding of how to adjust a workstation to their needs 
  • Workstation adjusted to accommodate any prior non-work-related needs 
  • Consultation with a health professional around individual needs

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2. Vehicle & Driver Ergonomic Assessment

Workers required to perform their duties in a poorly designed space are destined for injury. If your team is sitting in a car often, driving as part of the job or manual handling to and from a vehicle, it is essential that it be adjusted to fit them with a vehicle ergonomic assessment. It pays to be proactive in preventing injuries instead of waiting until a worker files a claim.

Vehicle Ergonomic Assessment Benefits For Companies

  • Manage and assess vehicle ergonomic hazards and risks which may expose workers to strain or injury
  • Educate your workforce on vehicle ergonomics who drive or complete work from a vehicle regularly
  • Match workers to suitable vehicles for their work tasks and individual characteristics
  • Ensure injuries are not aggravated by mismatches between worker capacity and driving volumes

Vehicle Ergonomic Assessment Benefits For Employees

  • Improved driving comfort levels and awareness through a driver ergonomic assessment
  • Reduced risk of developing vehicle-related ergonomic injuries in the workplace
  • Improved vehicle ergonomic match both for the individual and team
  • Greater worker engagement and consultation within the workplace leading to improved workplace culture

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AAP Education Members' Benefit

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3. Manual Handling Train The Trainer For Health Professionals

This course covers all the things you need to know to start delivering your own manual handling training program or course including;

  • What is manual handling and what manual handling training should include
  • Workplace and worker duties and consultation requirements
  • Defining hazard, risk and risk control levels
  • Hazardous manual tasks - a review of how injuries occur
  • A review of manual handling techniques, including lifting, carrying, pushing, pulling, restraining and grasping
  • Manual handling in the office case study examples and strategies

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