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Creator Glen Robbins appreciates the tough year many practitioners have been experiencing as a result of COVID restrictions. Consequently, he is offering his most popular course as an online course for FREE and notes the following;

"Running more than ever has become an important tool for a lot of people to exercise and to help manage their mental health. If you work with these individuals and If you are interested in the running course then please enjoy it. All we ask is that you give what you can in return to this great cause and help us give back to those who may be struggling mentally under the new normal. If you have been financially affected that may be a pound a euro or a dollar or if not then whatever you can. This course would normally be charged between £300-£400 in normal times”

Integrating Strength & Conditioning with the Rehabilitation of Runners

Do you want to reduce the injury risk of your runners?

Do you want to improve their performance following rehab?

Participation in running is at an all-time high. Running, however, is a high-risk activity with an injury rate of up to 50 – 85  % during any 12 month period. Integrating strength and conditioning in the rehabilitation of runners can REDUCE injury risk and IMPROVE performance.

There will be a particular focus on functional screening and movement analysis to guide S&C exercise prescription and progression. There will be special emphasis on assessment of running gait with discussion on running re-training, step rate (cadence) manipulation, mirror re-training, and mobility drills to improve running economy.

Presented by Glen and Ben, this highly practical course will give you the skills and knowledge to integrate advanced training methods (plyometrics, dynamic mobility, and running drills) in the rehabilitation of runners and prescribe conditioning programs with a deep understanding of how they affect pathology and performance. Plyometrics is a critical intervention for any patient who wishes to return to impact activities such as running and has been shown to improve performance and reduce injury risk. These runner-specific conditioning programs will enable your clients to become faster, stronger, and more efficient runners.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Explore important strength and conditioning training principles to consider during assessment and rehabilitation of running injuries and integrate use of evidence-based injury prevention tools as part of lower limb rehabilitation
  2. Understand common biomechanical and movement pattern dysfunction of runners
  3. Develop skills and clinical reasoning processes to apply S&C training methods in the late-stage rehab of runners with practical case studies
  4. Practical application of strength-endurance training, plyometrics, dynamic core stability, hip stabilisation, mobility drills and progression in runners
  5. Develop skills and clinical reasoning processes to apply running re-training interventions in the context of running-related injuries

Course Videos

Want to know what you will be doing? - see the course in action

Interview with Ben & Glen (+ mugs of hot chocolate) discussing what makes their course so unique

Feedback from 2018 Courses

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Course Enrolment

You can enroll in the course here. Glen asks that while the course is free, it would be appreciated if you could consider a donation to the MIND Charity (mental health support). 

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