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I've been a Physiotherapist for 35 years and researching sleep quality and spinal pain for the past 9 years. As an early career Physiotherapist, I didn't think about sleep. My mistake. I focused on helping patients through advice, exercises and hands-on treatments. One day a patient told me how their neck pain started as soon as they turned their head in the morning. No load, slow movement and intense pain. My experience couldn't understand why and my skillset had nothing to offer. I was coming up short.

This started my journey into a research Masters and then a PhD, in which I examined the relationships between sleep postures and waking spinal symptoms and quality of sleep. Along the way, I have been incorporating what I have learnt into my clinical practice. Trying different approaches, handouts, techniques and over the years I have distilled this information into a sleep improvement program called Sleep Mastery. I have used this program to assist countless patients to achieve a good night's sleep.

In my other role as Clinical Director with AAP Education, I come into contact with hundreds of other clinicians. Common to nearly all, they are like me when I was an early career Physiotherapist. Blind to the critical importance that sleep has on our ability to learn, function, recover and repair. This is why I created Sleep Mastery, a course to help aspiring clinicians learn from my experiences how to improve their sleep and the sleep of their patients.

So you want to educate your patients about better sleep. If you are not sleeping a consistent 7-8 hours a night, the wheels start to fall off; memory, concentration, fertility, performance, recovery, weight gain, immune support and mood all take a dive. But you already know this and have decided to act.

Sleep Mastery gives you everything you need from critical education, assessment tools, clinical decision trees and evidence-based interventions, to ensure you succeed in implementing a sleep improvement program in your clinic.

Sleep Mastery is divided into three logical steps: Educate | Assess | Act. I provide you with an evidence-based approach to address the common sleep problems seen in clinical situations.

In Sleep Mastery, I will guide you step by step through the process of developing a sleep improvement program for your clinic, providing you with extensive background information, critical assessment tools, researched answers, handouts and an extensive reference list.

A good night's sleep awaits you and your clients!.


  • The backstory behind WHY sleep is critical. You'll gain deep insights into why we need to sleep and how sleep influences all aspects of human health including gene regulation, heart and vascular health, memory and learning, maintaining a healthy weight, fertility and athletic performance.
  • Sleep posture, a unique understanding. In this course you will learn completely new information about the effects of sleep posture and HOW to change them for the better, using customised Behavioural Change Techniques.
  • Understanding Insomnia. One of the most prevalent sleep problems is examined in detail along with assessment tools and the use of cognitive behavioural therapy to influence change
  • Drugs & medicines, sleep phase disorders, obstructive sleep apnoea... all these and more are discussed as part of a comprehensive understanding of sleep problems that can be assessed and managed by primary contact practitioners.
  • Does what we sleep on matter? Via an in-depth discussion about relevant research materials construction, and replacement timeframes you will be able to confidently advise patients about pillows, mattresses, and bases.
  • Resources and references. Structured around an evidenced-based approach, Sleep Mastery includes extensive referencing and resources to enable the keen clinician to delve further if they wish.

Participant's Experience

"Throughout our learning as physiotherapists, we are taught to explore the nature of a patient's pain patterns with regards to how it affects their sleep as part of a screening tool for red flags.

Working in private practice, when I ask this question to my patients, quite often I am met with the response of 'The pain doesn't keep me awake, I am just generally not a good sleeper any way'. To which I have never really been able to follow on from this with much more than educating the patient on how poor sleeping can delay healing or drive ongoing pain etc.

Having completed this course I am now equipped with some more in-depth knowledge regarding the restorative properties of sleep, the importance of good sleeping habits and postures as well as tips and advice on how to improve a patient's sleeping habits. I feel this course has improved my ability to treat the 'whole person' and am very much thankful for Doug putting it all together."

Bodie Logan (Australian Physiotherapist)

"I would like to thank you for the opportunity of completing The Sleep Mastery course. I really enjoyed the course. I was pleasantly surprised. The content is what I loved about the course. I could not find any fault. I think it is very well organised. The content has great quality, with bibliographic references and with great ease as well as for learning and for clinical practice. I would like to congratulate you for the great work done.

I was pleasantly surprised by this course because it is a field that I do not normally practice. Now, I have curiosity about that. In my case, I have not yet been able to apply the learning contents to real patients because most of the patients I am treating in ICU are sedated. However, it has helped to me to realise the significance of sleep hygiene in my quality of life. I am applying things from the course in my lifestyle, and it has been effective."

David Valcárcel Linares (Spanish Physiotherapist)

Sleep Mastery Cohort Course Overview

The Sleep Mastery Cohort Course takes you on a 6-week journey, teaching you all you need to know, to improve your sleep or to implement a sleep improvement program in your clinic.

  • Once the course starts, you have 2 weeks to read the pre-reading resource materials.
  • Each successive Tuesday for 4 weeks, you will be given access to a module that contains videos, information sheets, handouts and a quiz.
  • During the 6 weeks, we will meet on five successive Tuesdays (6.00 pm WST) for an hour, via Zoom Meetings to discuss the previous week's material. I will be available to answer any questions and provide comments on the week's prior homework. This time is also a great opportunity to share with your other colleagues your experiences.
  • There are 24 hours of continuing education for this course. A course completion certificate is provided at the completion of this course.

Enrolment:early bird discount

  • Early Bird enrolment until 16 June 2022 ($200 applied during the shopping cart)
  • Full price June 17 - course closes on August 8, 2022.
  • The course starts on August 16, 2022.


An AAP Education accreditated course for 24 hours CPD.  

Event Date Tue 16 Aug, 2022
Event End Date Tue 06 Sep, 2022
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