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100% No Risk Satisfaction Guarantee

AAP Education, in providing the Anatomical Acupuncture Program has been at the forefront of post graduate education in Australia. As a direct reflection of this we offer our 100% No Risk Satisfaction Guarantee.

YOU RISK NOTHING! Attend an AAP Education course and if you are not absolutely convinced that it will improve how you treat your clients, we will provide you with a complete refund. Try doing that with one of our competitors. We are the only ones who give a 100% No Risk Satisfaction Guarantee. Why? Because we are sure the course content quality and clinical insights you receive, guarantee you exceptional value for your money. P.S. No one in 16 years has ever asked for a refund from us. Ever.

For the clinical professional, we really strive to provide high quality, relevant & up to date programs. For instance, we only allow as a minimum standard, post graduate qualified health professionals to attend our courses.

If you complete one of our courses feeling you haven't;

  • received top quality information OR
  • been clinically challenged OR
  • learnt new skills that will enriched your treatment repertoire

THEN we will happily refund your course fee

We guarantee your experience with us is memorable and will contribute to your lifelong learning in a meaningful way, so that you enjoy being a health professional helping clients regain their independence. If you would like to experience and AAP Education course go to Courses to select your preferred course.

What Sets AAP Education Apart from the Crowd?

LIFETIME SUPPORT. Why go through the same pitfalls? Why reinvent the wheel? Courses are presented in a supportive environment, combining theory practical, case studies and clinical reasoning. Even when not at a course and you have access to the course director for answers, post questions on the Members forum, receive fortnightly ezines packed with clinical information and have access to a large online Resources Library with webinars, documents and research papers. Why? Learning shouldn’t be threatening! We want learning to be clinically relevant and fun. We offer the only progressive, complete dry needling program with LIFETIME support.

EXPERTISE. You will benefit from a presenter who is a specialist, leading researcher or leading clinician in their respective field(s). You will obtain practical insights that cross the spectrum of research into clinical practice and can be applied immediately in your clinic.

BONUS LEARNING TOOLS. Most people don’t recall everything. For this reason in our Dry Needling Program you receive an Anatomical Acupuncture Dry Needling course DVD of all the techniques demonstrated during that course. Isn’t that a great resource, yet NONE of our competitors will provide you with such an important learning tool? In addition to your course DVD, you receive a box of premium Japanese needles, and a BONUS study pack that contains several other aides to enhance your learning. Some competitors provide lessor quality needles, but none provide a bonus study pack.

COMPLETE LEARNING MATERIALS. From the moment you enroll you are learning. You receive a bronze membership, access to online anatomy quizzes (dry needling program) and online articles. All to maximise your on the day learning. Wet Laboratory Anatomy workshops are available, to enable important review of anatomy ‘in the flesh’. No competitor provides access to anatomy workshops with a dry needling emphasis. At the course you can sit back, take notes and absorb information. It all makes your learning easy and for your PD portfolio we provide individualised Course Completion Certificates.