Cancellation Policy

As part of our policy of transparency, we clearly outline our position to ensure there is no misunderstanding when you decide to cancel your enrolment. From our part, to attract international, interstate or local presenters we require a degree of certainty of course numbers to arrange presenters' flights, accommodation, course venues and catering, all with several months lead time. Once a course is confirmed based on sufficient enrolments, AAP Education takes on financial responsibiities to venue owners, catering stafaf and presenters.

If you have to cancel attending a course it is no doubt for an important reason and we are sorry you aren't able to attend your booked course to extend your clinical skills.

Cancellation by You;

This applies to all course cancellations or transfers, including those due to medical, personal or family reasons.

  1. AAP Education will try to accommodate any changes but there is no guarantee. All changes incur our standard administration charge (SAC)
  2. An applicant who wishes to withdraw from a course must do so in writing.
  3. If you cancel your booking greater than 4 weeks from the course date, your refund for courses 2 days of less will be the course fee minus the SAC of $75. For courses longer than 2 days your refund will be the course fee minus $150.
  4. No refund is available less than four weeks from course date or non-attendance at a course.

The procedure for all cancellations is to make them in writing, briefly explaining the reason for your cancellation. They can be sent to admin@aapeducation.com.au or faxed to 08 9034 8108

You can pay your standard administration charge (SAC) here.

Cancellation by AAP Education;

  1. AAP Education will endeavour to run all advertised courses. If circumstances occur that force us to cancel an event, you will receive a refund equal to the course fee (minus bank charges) or receive a credit to transfer towards another course on another date. Whichever is preferable to you.
  2. AAP Education aims to provide a minimum of 2 weeks notice.
  3. AAP Education is not held liable for any additional expenses you incur through cancelling the event e.g. travel expenses and accommodation.