About AAP Education

AAP Education is an independent company founded by Clinical Director Dr Doug Cary, to provide the highest quality postgraduate education for aspiring health professionals. Initially, this involved his Anatomical Acupuncture Program's (hence the name, AAP Education) series of 4 courses. Through collaboration with other local and international presenters and researchers, AAP Education now provides a diverse range of educational training throughout Australia. Presenters utilise AAP Education's BTSPro service for full administration and marketing services. While AAP Education provides clinical mentoring, fortnightly clinical newsletters, a bunch of Free Stuff, the Physio+10 Podcast and Premium Partner discounts, our core service is the provision of high-quality, online and F2F clinical education.

Who do we work with?

Our attendees are clinicians that have obtained a degree course in the medical health fields (physiotherapy, chiropractic, occupational therapy, podiatry, medicine, nursing, osteopathy) and are seeking advanced clinical skills. Attendees are enthusiastic and passionate clinicians, yearning to succeed in the daily challenge of helping clients, but feel that their ‘tool kit’ is partially empty.

Attendees want to develop a broader range of management options to improve their client’s outcomes and are willing to work hard on their clinical skills. However, they have found accessing quality educational programs difficult and may previously have required out-of-state travel. Courses are chosen based on clinical quality and AAP Education is proudly independent of any professional body trying to influence clinician's personal decisions about what education they need to undertake.

What you can expect from us

When you attend one of our programs,  you will learn clinically applicable skills taught by clinicians that use them day-to-day. Presenters are often also researchers, leaders in their field and with specialist qualifications. The information presented will be up to date and often challenging to your current method of practice. While challenging, the courses are presented in a supportive teaching style, to encourage questions and understanding.

You will learn more than just the topic being presented, due to the experience of your presenters. For example, the single most common, post dry needling course comment from participants, is how they loved developing more confident and accurate, surface anatomy palpation skills. Under the presenter's guidance, they felt their hands came alive with sensitivity and understanding.

In all of our courses, you will learn to integrate clinical reasoning into both your assessment and treatment process and learn a greater range of appropriate techniques. Our presenters are both leaders in their field of presentation and clinicians.

Our guiding beliefs and values

We believe as clinicians, it is important to provide clients with the highest quality, evidence-based assessment and through a process of clinical reasoning, an appropriate management plan.

You will learn how current research is integrated with clinical best practice, so that when treating your clients, you know they are receiving the highest level of appropriate care and attention.

AAP Education believes strongly that ongoing education is critical for each individual and also for the profession in general. We believe enthusiastic clinicians achieve better clinical outcomes. To assist those clinicians in more challenging situations, we offer discounts to New & Recent Graduates and Rural & Remote Practitioners.

In addition to assisting clinicians in challenging situations, we donate profits each year to the following charities. 


Our approach to education

We offer you the first and only 100% No Risk Satisfaction Guarantee in Australasia. If you complete one of our courses and are not completely satisfied; that you have learnt new information and been clinically challenged, we will refund you the full course fee. Simple.

We are highly flexible. Different clinicians require different training and not one program suits all. Although we offer a range of training, we approach each with the same degree of intensity, aiming for the integration of clinical practice and evidence-based research.

We believe in transferring skills to empower health professionals with evidence-based findings and case studies. This enables a better, faster and less stressful clinical decision-making process. Better for the clinician and better for the client.

When you are looking for clinical training, these days there are many options. AAP Education is different from other courses because we have consistently been providing postgraduate programs since 1995, making us one of the first. We don’t just teach theory; rather integrate theory into clinical practice and often pioneer new assessment and treatment approaches proven to work.

What makes our programs stand out is our clinical expertise. Our presenters, all have a minimum of 10 years (most double that) of clinical experience, plus postgraduate or specialisation qualifications. Our presenter’s unique knowledge and experience, ensure exceptional clinical utility of all presented material.

Now that you have a better understanding of AAP Education and what you can expect from attending our programs, our approach and our philosophy, go to our Course page to find out what specific programs we offer.

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