Accredited Courses + Guarantee

With the advent of the national registration boards there has been a seismic shift in course accreditation. No longer are national professional bodies able to award points based upon their accreditation system. Any form of professional development is eligible for accruing hours towards your national professional development requirements. Detailed information can be found in our Free Stuff section under Post Graduate Resources > AHPRA and then look for your profession.

AAP Education has a 100% No Risk Satisfaction Guarantee (the only one in Australia). Our courses are accredited and attract full continuing professional development credits towards AHPRA National Registration requirements. This means attending an AAP Education course will provide 75% or more (depending upon your course and profession) of your annual requirement.

We provide a Course Completion Certificatefor our 2 day and longer training events. Often AAP Education training is evaluated against learning outcomes and involves a mixture of viva quizzes, short & multi-choice questions and practical evaluations. In these courses participants will receive a Course Competency Certificate.

Your AAP Education CPD Includes;

  • 1*CPD hour per hour of course pre-reading/quiz and 1*CPD hour per hour of on site training

Education is a long-term investment. If you would like to invest in your future with the benefits of an AAP Education Accredited Program go to Courses for further information.

Enhance Clinical & Client Management Skills

AAP Education has evaluated its learning outcomes for since 1996, using post course evaluations and small group discussions. An important part of program development has been via this direct participant feedback.

    Examples of outcomes;
  • 100% participants said, “We would recommend this course to a colleague”
  • 100% participants said, “We would attend another course”
  • 95% participants said, “Supervision was adequate or more than adequate”
  • 90% participants said, “Course was highly relevant to their work”
  • 90% participants said, “Course was very interesting”
  • 92% participants said, “Education level was of high level”

Since providing the Anatomical Acupuncture Program in 1995, AAP Education has been at the forefront of post graduate education in Australia. As a direct reflection of this we offer our 100% No Risk Satisfaction Guarantee. YOU RISK NOTHING! Attend an AAP Education course and if you are not absolutely convinced that it will improve how you treat your clients, we will provide you with a complete refund. Try doing that with one of our competitors. We are the only ones who give a 100% No Risk Satisfaction Guarantee. Why? Because we are sure the course content quality and clinical insights you receive, guarantee you exceptional value for your money. 

For the clinical professional, we really strive to provide high quality, relevant & up to date programs. For instance, we only allow as a minimum standard, post graduate qualified health professionals to attend our courses. If you complete one of our courses feeling you haven't;

  • received top quality information OR
  • been clinically challenged OR
  • learnt new skills that will enriched your treatment repertoire

THEN we will happily refund your course fee. We guarantee your experience with us is memorable and will contribute to your lifelong learning in a meaningful way, so that you enjoy being a health professional helping clients regain their independence. If you would like to experience and AAP Education course go to Courses to select your preferred course.