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BTSPro - Your Total Admin Service

Do you enjoy presenting, but don't have the time, inclination or infrastructure for all the admin, marketing, and 24/7 secure website?

With lots of courses on offer, you can have a great course, fantastic probably, but getting bottoms on seats can be tough in today's education market.
The common reasons most cited by other presenters when deciding to use AAP Education's course hosting services are;

  1. Not wanting the added load of accreditation paperwork, budgets or repeat external assessments
  2. Wanting someone else to do all the marketing, administration, bookings and arrangements so they can concentrate on providing quality content
  3. Inhibited by the high cost of advertising to prospective audience
  4. Not having a comprehensive, secure and registered website, allowing 24/7 access to course and presenter information and enrolment
  5. No local market knowledge or contacts
  6. Lack of a proven database to market their course

AAP Education has your solution. Our turnkey service is called BTSPro because all the work is done, Behind The Scenes. We have been conducting courses for nearly 20 years and have learnt the only way - by experience!

Benefits of Using BTSPro

We provide two service options, Premium and BYO. Download your copy of the BTSPro Service Guide.


Targeted Advertising for Your Course

Comodo secure website

  • The AAP Education's secure database provides access to 4500+ past participants; via web, email & newsletter
  • 95% of our past participants say they "would recommend a colleague attend another AAP Education course" - word of mouth and repeat business, are our best advertisements
  • Advertising & Social Media - using designated and relevant social media channels, online publications and blog posts, we get the word out about your course. 
  • Expand into other health professionals. We provide courses for doctors, chiropractors, podiatrists, osteopaths, massage therapists and other allied health practitioners. With our cross-sectional membership, you tap into new professions if and when appropriate
  • We back our courses and provide a 100% No Risk Satisfaction Guarantee

Comprehensive Administration of Your Course

  • We host and create a course listing, help you create a course description and provide a PCI DSS compliant NAB Transact payment gateway on our website NAB Secure Transactions
  • We provide complete organisation of your course; starting with promotion, venue booking, provision of audiovisual equipment plus meals & refreshments
  • We arrange Course Manual printing or emailing (emanual), Certificate of Completion or Certificate of Competency printing and name tags.

Website Services Included

  • Uploading course pre-reading materials and provide access codes only for your course participants
  • Provide a Course home page and a Presenter Profile page in our Faculty section
  • Provide peace of mind with a secure enrolment & shopping cart, for course payments & other associated materials e.g. textbooks


  • Presenters are paid an appropriate daily rate based upon authorship of material and level of experience, plus a profit share arrangement above AAP Education's break even. Presenter payments are made within a week of account presentation.


Our BYO service is designed for those presenters that would like to access AAP Education's advertising, marketing, web listing, certificate printing and 24/7 secure portal to launch their course. Course organizers will arrange their own venue, accommodation, transport and catering services.


For the BYO service, there is a 25% commission on course enrollments, plus a one-off, upfront advertisement fee of $900.

This one-off fee covers the creation of your course webpage *1, the listing of up to 4 courses on that page, presenter profile page *1, plus a quarterly email to our membership, listing on our FB page and advertising on the PhysioHub site.


AAP Education looks forward to a long collaborative arrangement with presenters interested in assisting aspiring health professionals obtain excellence in clinical and client management skills.