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Prefer a Customised Course?

Having a Company Customised AAP Education Course

Are we consistent?

Are all of your staff not at the same level and this prevents your company providing a consistent service?
AAP Education specifically provides a customised service, providing one off, individually tailored courses for forward thinking groups and companies.

In 2012, AAP Eduction designed & provided a fully customised, Anatomical Acupuncture Program 2 day course for 2 Hands Therapy (division of RediMed). To better give you and idea of how our services can help your clients, here is a Q & A with Tim from 2 Hands Therapy ;

  • Was there sufficient communication, program details and pre reading materials for your needs?
    - Communication prior to the course was top standard, the custom upper limb program was very detailed and the pre-reading material was extensive
    - Layout of program booklet with accompanying disc with video was fantastic
  • What were you thinking that this program would provide you with?
    - We were hoping that the program would provide us with the knowledge and skills to improve our hand and upper limb therapy services through the provision of the Anatomical Acupuncture Program. This expectation was definitely met
  • What did you really get out of this program?
    - Extensive review of anatomy
    - The medico-legal, safety procedures and administrative procedures
    - The tools to provide quality Anatomical Acupuncture Program service and continue staff development/improvement in the Anatomical Acupuncture Program
  • Did aspects of the program exceed your expectations?
    - The attention to detail during practical components and your patience with us while learning was exceptional
  • What areas of the program fell short of your expectation and what would need to be done differently to meet your expectation?
    - Some upper limb areas were missed due to time restrictions, you adapted the course well for this, through focusing on the areas you felt were more relevant for us
  • Any other comments that you would like to make about the course in general?
    - The course and the way you conducted it was great Doug, I would have no hesitation in referring you to other Occupational Therapists interested in dry needling and the Anatomical Acupuncture Program in general

2 Hands Therapy
Tim Darch - Senior Occupational Therapist, 2 Hands Therapy, Perth

One of your most important benefits, is that all staff are 'instantly' trained to the same high standard, ensuring your clients receive a consistent level of service, regardless of who they see for treatment.

If your company would also like to have a customised, completely in-house course, provided for all your employees, contact Course Director Doug Cary at doug@aapeducation.com.au.

What Sets the Anatomical Acupuncture Program Apart from the Crowd?

  1. Your presenters are leading clinicians in their field of expertise
  2. AAP Education's long standing commitment - we have been training for 25+ years
  3. We provide a comprehensive and secure online portal of resources and for enrolment
  4. We offered the first and only 100% No Risk Satisfaction Guarantee
  5. All AAP Education courses are Accredited and contribute to your annual CPD requirements for National Registration through AHPRA
  6. We provide comprehensive manuals, pre reading materials and course completion certificate