Exclusive Whole Body Wet Lab Anatomy Workshop

Living Anatomy Wet Lab Workshop

Do You think CPR is Important?

Yes ....... Well like CPR, anatomy is a core skill for manual therapists and requires repeated reinforcement to remain fresh. These workshops are open to all health professionals - physiotherapist, chiropractors, occupational therapist, podiatrist, and doctors. The two-hour intensive program features a range of cadavers that demonstrate important anatomical features in the Head & Neck, Upper Limb, Lower Limb and Spinal Column. Course director takes you on an enjoyable anatomical journey down memory lane, linking anatomy and clinical relevance.

In 2011, AAP Education commenced an exclusive 2-hour Wet Lab Anatomy Workshop as an integral part of the Anatomical Acupuncture Advanced Courses. These workshops have since become popular with health professionals more generally, wishing to update their skills in this core learning area. Courses have been taught at the University of Western Australia (UWA) and University of Queensland (UQ) in their Anatomy Laboratories with Course Director Dr Doug Cary.

Full benefits include;

  • Opportunity to examine in detail Upper Limb, Lower Limb, and Spinal specimens selected from the world-class facilities of UWA and UQ
  • Opportunity to revise and enhance your visualisation and understanding of applied neuromusculoskeletal and regional anatomy
  • Anatomy of the specimens explained in detail by Dr Doug Cary, Course Director AAP Education
  • Opportunity to discuss and share your knowledge with colleagues and experienced dry needling practitioners
  • Specimens can include cadaveric prosections, cadaveric plastination, plastinated cross-sections, articulated skeletons and models
  • Lab coats and surgical gloves provided, closed shoes required

It is recommended you attend a Living Anatomy Workshop update every 2 years. Anatomy is fundamental to daily clinical practice, and like CPR, regular review is essential. A high ratio of specimens is arranged to ensure a high transfer of information and a pre-workshop learning quiz is provided.

"I really appreciated the opportunity to come along and attend your course. At the time, I must say that it was a full-on experience. Your knowledge of anatomy is quite impressive. What I took away from the course was a much better mind visual of how the different muscles attach, and function.  I have found it to be a helpful tool when palpating for muscle fibre and attachment when I am treating my clients. I took so much from the course, that I hope to have an opportunity to come again and learn more."
John Carey Practitioner

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