BradCliff Breathing Method Level 2

This 2 day course builds on the Level 1 course with advanced assessment and treatment techniques.

Inspiratory Muscle Training is covered in depth, as well as sports performance, voice and lifestyle

  • A review of assessment, treatment and goal setting for breathing dysfunction
  • Inspiratory Muscle Training - Advanced
  • Sport and peak respiratory performance
  • Lifestyle skills and sleep architecture
  • Mindfulness practice in breathing retraining
  • Performance/voice problems
  • Advanced Asthma

Pre-requisite to attending this course: Level 1 Foundation Course.

Folllowing completition of the BradCliff Level 2, certified practitioners ;

  • Receive the comprehensive BradCliff Method Manual. This includes  assessment forms and templates, diagnostic questionnaires, self efficacy guides, Patient breathing re-education plans, plus exercise, speech/voice, sleep, relaxation and other specific patient education and handout guides
  • Access to certified practitioner-only support via the Internet, blog site and updates
  • Use of the BradCliff logo
  • Annual registration which includes:
    - Your details advertised on our BradCliff Find a Physio page
    - Exclusive membership of a worldwide networking group
    - Ongoing professional support and education

Rural & Remote Professional Development Support

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