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Comprehensive Introductory dry needling and acupuncture programWanting to add Dry Needling to your Clinical Kit? Have you noticed your hands ache after a day of soft tissue work? Hypermobile thumbs perhaps? Or do you want to better understand how dry needling & acupuncture interact with manual therapy?

All great questions. All have been asked by the 1000s of manual therapists that have previously attended our courses as part of the Clinical Dry Needling Program. Starting in 2017 after much discussion with participants we are able to offer further improvements, BUT ......

 a few questions for you.....

  1. Do you want to learn, consolidate and become exceptionally proficient in dry needling in 12 months?
  2. Do you want to learn these skills using a diverse combination of training, including F2F, online, anatomy wet labs and multimedia 
  3. Do you want to save yourself over 35%, receive $839 in bonuses and at the same time as investing in your training?

If you answered YES then the Foundations Dry Needling Program is for you! Read on.

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Foundation Program

By being one of the annual cohort (limited to 10 participants) accepted into the 12-month, intensive Foundation Program, you will be receiving a 35% saving on the cost of your overall investment. You receive completely free, complimentary enrollment in a living anatomy wet lab and the Level 4 Master Needling course, which can attend for no charge. This is all yours plus our new & regular benefits below.

New & Regular Benefits

  • Please note that our Level 1 Introductory Course now INCLUDE, for no extra cost, enrollment in our 2-hour Living Anatomy Wet Lab Workshop at UWA.
  • Level 1, 2 and 3 courses still INCLUDE a DVD (soon to be uploaded to the website) of practical techniques taught during the course.
  • You still have the benefits of our fully written and illustrated eManual, course starter kits (Level 1 Introductory Course) and course study tools kit
  • We still provide all needles and equipment for all courses and all are fully catered (including V or GF options)
  • You receive our fortnightly clinical eNewsletter.
  • We continue to back our courses with our 30-day, 100% No-Risk Money Back Guarantee

Participation Compulsory Criteria

  • Due to the presumed anatomy knowledge, advanced palpation skills and structure of these courses, our minimal education standard is a degree course or higher in an area of the medical sciences; physiotherapy, osteopathy, chiropractic, medicine, podiatry, occupational therapy
  • You are required to have current registration with your national professional body (not an industry body like ESSA) e.g AHPRA
  • You are required to have public indemnity insurance as per your professional bodies minimum standard
  • For these reasons, graduates of human movements, exercise physiology, nursing, remedial & therapeutic massage are ineligible to apply and AAP Education recommends you seek a course focused only on simple dry needling techniques

86 Hours Continuing Professional Development (AHPRA) = 3 years PD requirement

AAP Accredited Program:

Level 1 - Introductory (20 hours)

Level 2 - Spine & Lower Quadrant (22 hours)

Level 3 - Spine & Upper Quadrant (22 hours)

Level 4 - Master Needling (20 hours)

Wet Lab (2 hours) 

Course Outline

To download your copy of each course outline, Click Here.

After completion of enrollment, you gain customised website access and can return to each course page to access Pre-Reading Materials and Anatomy Quiz.

Text Recommendations

Click here for our recommendations of books to assist your study.

Q & A

Is there a discount option for this investment?

Yes, built into the Foundation Program is a significant discount (35%) which includes the FREE Level 4 Master Needling Course and $830 in bonuses

What if I need to pull out?

Now that would be a shame! However, if after one or two courses you need to pull out of the Foundation Program, you will be reimbursed for the unattended courses minus our standard administration charge for 2+ day courses ($150).

I haven't graduated yet, can I enrol?

Yes, you are welcome to enrol, however, all Compulsory Criteria still apply. You could access the online course material (Level 1 - Introductory course) and other pre-reading materials, but you can not attend the practical component until you have been registered with AHPRA.

What happens next after enrolling?

You will receive your Foundation Dry Needling Confirmation email. This is your tax invoice and it will explain, step by step, how to select and enrol in each of your preferred courses over the next 12 months.

Welcome again, looking forward to meeting you personally.


- Doug

PS. If at any point you have technical or account questions, please email us and my team will get back to you as soon as possible.

Please note the Foundation Program includes the;

  1. Level 1 Introductory Course
  2. Level 2 Spine & Lower Quadrant Course
  3. Level 3 Spine & Upper Quadrant Course
  4. Level 4 Master Needling Course (free - value $700)
  5. Living Anatomy Wet Lab Workshops (free - value $160)

You also receive these bonuses (total value $830);

  1. Colour, referenced course eManual (Value $85) for each course (total value $340)
  2. Includes bonus dry needling starter pack with premium needles and clinical study tools (Value $50).
  3. Includes bonus Course Techniques DVD/Online (Value $100) for each course (total value $300)
  4. Course Competency and Completion Certificates for each course (total value $140)

An AAP Education Accredited Course. National AHPRA CPD hours 86

Event Date Tue 06 Aug, 2019
Event End Date Sat 01 Aug, 2020
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Individual Price A$2,047.00

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