Level 4 - Master Needling Course
Comprehensive Master Needling dry needling and acupuncture program

The Level 4 Master Needling Course is presented in a relaxed learning environment. This 1-day course is designed for practitioners who have completed both the Level 2 & 3 Spine and Lower/Upper Quadrant Courses and have at least 12 months of needling experience since completion of their final course.

This Level 4 course teaches;

  • new muscle needling skills
  • stud needle techniques, gua sha techniques
  • modifying parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous systems
  • the utilisation of Western Medical Acupuncture techniques
  • up to date research findings
  • open sessions for participants to request specific needling technique reviews.

Restricted to only 10 participants, this course is designed to be intense & maximise your formal learning but allow plenty of time for off-tangent clinical discussions. Post-course comments like “ it was so good to see how to integrate dry needling with all the other client management skills" and " anatomy, anatomy, anatomy - what a great way to learn it again" are common.

Text Recommendations

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Continuing Professional Development

AAP Accredited course: 12 hours AHPRA CPD requirements.

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