Webinar 1 May

This free GDS Method - Introduction Webinar is open to all clinicians interested in learning more about the GDS Method. 

Topics that the presenter will cover include;

  • The point of view of the G.D.S.® Method of the articular and muscular chains with the postural and psycho-corporal typologies.
  • The global postural physiology in the statics and dynamics with the respiratory and perineal rhythmicity. The topography of the myofascial chains in the thoracic-pelvic region facilitates postural and dynamic reflex breathing during walking and running.
  • Postural typologies and their impact on respiratory and pelvic rhythmicity.
  • The alternation between thoracic and abdominal pressures and their influence on visceral functions.

Thoracic-pelvic pathologies covered within the course;

  • Low back pain
  • Referred pain
  • Urinary incontinence
  • Respiratory pathologies (asthma, emphysema, post-Covid syndrome) and their impact on the thorax, the cervical spine and the dorso-lumbar region

You can watch a recording of this Webinar here.