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Level 3 - Core Body Benchmark Assessment

Progression through Assessment of Musculoskeletal Health

GravityFit ToolsFrom over 30 years of research by Professor Carolyn Richardson, a new method of assessment has been devised that measures a person’s level of musculoskeletal health, which involves measuring the ‘strength’ of the spine and girdles as a whole unit.

This course was developed for Physiotherapists and other Rehabilitation Specialists to become accredited in the ‘Core Body Benchmark’ assessment. This assessment is suitable, not only for rehabilitation clients but also for the general population, to determine levels of bone and joint health and risk of developing musculoskeletal injuries.

In this way. risk assessments can be provided for a variety of disabling musculoskeletal issues and other related health problems like

  1. Risk of low back, neck pain and thoracic pain, including problems with intervertebral discs
  2. Osteoarthritic pain in the joints of the upper (shoulder, elbow) and lower limbs (hips, knees)
  3. Bone density issues and stress fractures
  4. Occupational health injuries

This course includes;

  1. An overview of the science behind the assessment model
  2. Performing Posture and Breathing Synergy tests
  3. Remedial Benchmark and Core Body Benchmark (CBB) assessments to determine the strength of the spine with a focus on; Cervical Core, Thoracic Core and Lumbar Core
  4. Based on the CBB assessment levels, exercise prescription and progression techniques using a sensory-motor approach to optimise Core Body Strength to suit individual  lifestyle needs

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