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Professional education for the pelvis region

Professional training for the Pelvis Course

Utilising Brian Mulligan's concepts this course is uniquely designed and presented around the world by Mr Mark Oliver (certified Mulligan concepts teacher) to assist practitioners to assess and treat painful conditions involving the pelvic girdle. This 2-day practical workshop provides participants with new examination and treatment skills for SIJ, pubic symphysis and pelvic dysfunction.

Using the Mulligan Concept and mobilisation with movement (MWM) techniques, Mark has developed a system of analysis and treatment that greatly simplifies the current approach to SIJ and pubic symphysis dysfunction. Most of the treatment techniques are completely original and have never been seen outside this program. MWM is one of the most popular approaches physiotherapists use to treat neuromusculoskeletal conditions. Mark has presented Mulligan courses for over 30 years and assisted Brian worldwide on numerous occasions. The approach is easy to learn and integrate into existing examination and treatment models. There is a large body of research validating the concept.

The approach lessens dependence on palpation examination findings and augments pelvic examination with a system of MWM based clinical reasoning and movement analysis.

This approach is easy to learn, appealing to experienced and inexperienced clinicians alike and can be quickly integrated into existing examination and treatment models.

New SIJ self-treatment techniques are also included. In addition, elements of an effective neuromuscular exercise program utilising MWM will be taught.

The combination of MWM and active exercise provides a comprehensive treatment regime for most forms of mechanical sacroiliac and pubic symphysis dysfunction. laurie white

"The course provided clear differentiation and assessment of PGP, leading to reasoned treatment – a first in PGP in my long experience. Very effective clinically already. The patient fell into the splits, avulsed all 3 left hamstrings, and was surgically repaired. 8 months post-op, still struggling to achieve sustained normal gait, hammy difficult to strengthen. Assessment clearly showed failed load transfer and logically where treatment was needed. 3 sessions in, 60% improvement. As I think Brian Mulligan used to remark, ‘smiles all round’.

Laurie McCormack Work Function Victoria

Learning Outcomes

  1. Have a good understanding of the applied anatomy of the pelvic osseous, ligamentous and neuromuscular system as they related to the SIJ, pubic symphysis and hip
  2. Be aware of current literature related to the examination and treatment of the SIJ, pubic symphysis and pelvis
  3. Have an advanced level of understanding of the Mulligan Concept of MWM and the clinical reasoning process on which it is based
  4. Be able to confidently perform a basic evaluation of the SIJ and pubic symphysis using Mulligan concept principles and integrate them into an eclectic examination of the pelvis
  5. Be able to identify significant functional SIJ and pubic symphysis problems
  6. Be able to confidently perform MWM and self-MWM treatment techniques for the SIJ and pubic symphysis
  7. Be able to integrate MWM into functional neuromuscular exercise programs for the pelvis

To see the application of Mark’s approach to SIJ problems utilising MWM, look at : Oliver M. 2011 Restoration of trunk extension twenty-three years after iatrogenic injury. In: Mobilisation with Movement: The Art and Science. Vicenzino B, Hing W, Rivett D & Hall T, Elsevier Publishing 179-191.

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