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Level 1 & 2 Masterclass 

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Presented by published author Sarah Key, participants completing this course will gain confidence in understanding spinal segment breakdown and be able to link with clinical presentations, improve clinical explanations for patients, improve palpation and diagnostic skills and gain insights into running a successful clinical practice.

Includes: Online materials, certification, BackBlock, book, 2-Day Practical Adjunct

Level 1 & 2 Online Materials

  • Lecture 1: 'Anatomy, Physiology and Biomechanics of the Lumbar Spine'
  • Lecture 2: 'The Stiff Spinal Segment, its Causes and Treatment'
  • Lecture 3: 'Facet Joint Arthropathy, its Causes and Treatment'
  • Lecture 4: 'The Importance of Spinal Decompression'
  • Lecture 5: 'Acute Locked Back, its Causes and Treatment'
  • Lecture 6: 'The Prolapsed Intervertebral Disc, its Causes and Treatment'
  • Lecture 7: 'The Unstable Spinal Segment, its Causes and Treatment'
  • Lecture 8: 'To Bend or Not to Bend'
  • Lecture 9: 'The Trouble with Sitting'

Content of Level 1 & 2 Practical Adjunct Pic 2

  • Fine tuning lumbar spine manual palpation
  • Lumbar spine assessment using the hands
  • Demonstration of the techniques using the heel
  • In-vivo patient assessment & treatment of participants 
  • A spinal decompression class using the BackBlock
  • Group Presentations of the 5 Stages of Breakdown
  • Going Through Typical Treatment Protocols for the 5 Stages of breakdown
  • Both acute and chronic conditions  - the signs and symptoms, clinical picture, palpation, mobilization and home regime
  • Going through correct bending and sitting
  • Students learn to use their heel to mobilise the lumbar spine - each student is taught (in front of the group). Practice in pairs. Several sessions of this
  • Other lumbar spine decompression techniques

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