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Level 3 Masterclass Pic 3

Presented by author and clinician, Sarah Key, particpants on completing the Level 3 Masterclass will gain confidence in diagnosing and treating all spinal disorders (acute and chronic), know when spinal surgery is inevitable, develop 'sound bites' to better comminicate what is happening for patients and develop a new appreciation for the value of hands-on touch.

Particpants must complete Level 1 & 2 before enrolling in the Level 3 Masterclass.

Includes: Online materials, certification, BackBlock, book, 2-Day Practical Adjunct

Level 3 Online Materials

  • Lecture 10: ‘Posture and leg length’
  • Lecture 11:’A new perspective on lifting’
  • Lecture 12: ‘Muscle spasm: the wild card’
  • Lecture 13: ‘Understanding and treating crisis situations, common conditions and congenital disorders’ (scoliosis, stenosis, spondylolisthesis, instability, lumbarisation, sacralisation, failed back surgery syndrome)

Content of Level 3 Practical Adjunct

  • Fine tuning cervical & thoracic spine manual palpation spinal assessment using the hands
  • Mobilizing the neck from the front
  • Demonstration of the techniques using the heel on thoracic spine and ribs.
    In vivo patient assessment. 
  • Thoracic spine decompression using the BackBlock
  • Mobilisation self-treatment techniques for cervical and thoracic spine.
    Questions and discussion about treating necks and backs: the content of webinars reviewed

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