PartnershipsSince 1995, AAP Education has been providing physiotherapists and other health professionals with a range of professional development opportunities. Ongoing professional development is required by the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency to maintain professional registration and is highly desired by clinicians themselves, to ensure they provide up to date evidenced based client management.

Held in high esteem, AAP Education's membership has grown to 5500+ members. Respected by members as an independent voice for the physiotherapy profession, AAP Education is valued for the consistency and quality of professional services provided since 1995. AAP Education understands and assists aspiring health professionals by providing a diverse and stimulating range of educational opportunities. These include face to face events by local and international presenters, online education, and regular emails summarising topical research findings and contemporary professional issues.

Corporate Partnership – build your brand with clinicians that would benefit from your service or product

Partnering with AAP Education is an effective method assisting you to build your brand or product awareness, provide alignment with certain professional events and sales opportunities with our growing membership of registered physiotherapists, chiropractors, doctors, osteopaths, podiatrists, myotherapists and students. By selecting an appropriate course that features your product, you achieve the holy grail of marketing. Direct experience in a clinical situation. If your product is good, clinicians get to experience how it will benefit them and their clients. No amount of spend on flyers, journals, publications or cold calling gets this direct exposure to your target market.

Benefits of a 12-month Corporate Partnership include the following:

  • Option to align with one event per calendar year and receive associated Event Partnership benefits 
  • 6 emails per year with your corporate logo displayed and linked to your website page of choice
  • Inclusion in the twice-yearly special Partnership focused email, featuring corporate and product partners of AAP Education
  • AAP Education hosting of a dedicated webpage with your text, logo, pictures and link to a company website page of choice (3000+ visitors per month)
  • Opportunity to provide AAP Education members with a product or service offered

Optional Extras

  • Home page slider advert (exclusive to one corporate partnership per year)
  • Banner advert on one of the 4 most popular pages Blog home page, Courses home page, Free Reports page and Free Stuff page

Please contact the AAP Education Clinical Director for further information on a Corporate Partnership with AAP Education.

Event Partnership – speak directly to the potential users of your service or product 

Seeing, touching and trying a product is the best way to associate with it, but gaining access to the target audience of busy professionals is difficult. AAP Education provides a wide range of specialised professional development training in a range of areas such as musculoskeletal, sports, pain education, rehabilitation, dry needling and nutrition. These events provide suppliers of appropriate products a unique forum to inform participants face to face about their products. One of the hardest aspects for suppliers is getting their products to face to face with clinicians in a receptive mood. Clinicians are busy, time-pressured individuals and are often hesitant to change habits (like a current brand of supplier) simply because change is challenging. 

In partnering with AAP Education you have the unique opportunity to present your product(s) in a relaxed atmosphere when clinicians are open to learning (as they are at a professional development session) and have no other distractions. It is also very time saving for a supplier's representative to have 20+ clinicians all in the same place at one time, not having had to make any appointments nor spend time driving around meeting them all. Event partnership is succinct simplicity.

Your Event Partnership benefits include:

  • Acknowledgement in all electronic course advertising associated with the event
  • Exclusive meet and greet opportunity with event participants and to provide a 5-minute presentation during refreshment break on one day of the event
  • Opportunity to display your static pull up banner for the duration of the event
  • Full-page A4 advert in event manual/handout
  • Opportunity to provide product handout/samples to event participants

Please contact the AAP Education Clinical Director for further information on an Event Partnership with AAP Education.

Product Endorsement – raise professional awareness of your product’s value

Aligning your product or service with AAP Education associates you with the AAP Education brand of Respect | Quality | Consistency. Over 25 years our members have come to respect AAP Education as an independent voice and leader for health professionals. AAP Education's endorsement of your product or service is an indication to members that the product is of high quality and relevant to clinical practice and which will differentiate you from your competitors.

Products or services that are market leaders in their field and will assist clinicians in their day to day clinical practice will be considered. Interested parties please complete an application form for each product or service to be considered for endorsement. Your product and service will be evaluated for appropriateness and if recommended be evaluated. The endorsement is for a 2 year period.


Prospective partners are invited to submit their initial product or service application form.


The application process involves two evaluation pathways:

  • Clinically reviewing product in day to day clinical practice
  • Reviewing certification and available research evidence

Successful Product Partnerships will benefit from the following:

  • Half-yearly inclusion in special Partnership specific email, featuring our corporate and product partners
  • AAP Education hosting of a dedicated static webpage with text, logo, pictures and link to a company website page of choice + discussion from a reviewer about the potential benefits of the product and service ascertained during the application process.

Course Partnership

AAP Education is keen to support other like-minded education providers. We can provide assistance with those providers of online courses and F2F courses. Details about how AAP Education can assist can be found on our BTSPro webpage. If you have online courses that you would like to introduce to AAP Education members, please email the course director.