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Do you enjoy presenting, but don't have the time, inclination or infrastructure for all the administration, insurance and marketing of your course?

Do you want to gain access to a larger audience for your courses, be they online or F2F?

Benefits of Using BTSPro

With lots of events on offer, you can have a great event, fantastic probably, but getting bottoms on seats can be challenging in today's education market. Having good content is one skill set, but having enrollees attend is an entirely different skill set.
The common reasons most cited by other presenters when deciding to use AAP Education's course hosting services are;

  1. Lack of a proven database to market their course
  2. Not wanting the added load of accreditation paperwork, budgets or repeat external assessments
  3. Want someone else to do all the marketing, administration, bookings and arrangements so they can fully concentrate on providing quality content
  4. Inhibited by the high cost of advertising to prospective audiences and lack of necessary insurance
  5. Not having a comprehensive, secure and registered website, allowing 24/7 access to course and presenter information and enrolment
  6. No local market knowledge or contacts

AAP Education has your solution. Our turnkey service is called BTSPro because all the work is done, Behind The Scenes. We have been conducting courses for 25+ years in Australasia and have learnt the only way - by experience!

BTSPro Online Options

AAP Education provides a suite of online and F2F learning opportunities for presenters that prefer to present.

1. BTSPro Online Evergreen Courses

AAP Education utilises a professional platform and can host your course to deliver online content to course participants. This method is ideal for drip feed or self-paced evergreen courses that contain text, videos, handouts, quizzes and automatic certification.

Course materials can be uploaded and access links and coupons created so that participants can be directed to your online course. Course links can be generated so you can promote via social media, newsletters, emails, websites or landing pages.

AAP Education charges a once-off fee to upload, create and arrange your course and then a % of each enrolment over the period of time while hosting your course to cover administration fees, course marketing and website management.

Akshita white"Thanks to AAP Education for organising their online courses. The enrolment process was straightforward with the course manual and Zoom links emailed in the week leading up to the event. Using Zoom as a platform allowed me to easily interact with the presenter, share and save key reference articles in real-time and have access to videos of all practical material well after the course had finished. This allowed me to revisit key concepts and remind me of the practical components, which are easily forgotten after face-to-face courses. Administration support was available throughout all sessions, allowing me to seek assistance in a timely manner. Furthermore, having the two-day event spilt across four sessions meant I could attend around other commitments from the comfort of my home. I would highly recommend the live online course option to anyone interested!"

Akshita Sundaresh

2. BTSPro Online Live Events 

Other online services that AAP Education provides are hosted Zoom courses, webinars or symposiums. With significant improvements in technology and functionality, you can now offer your education to participants around the world. You don't need to be daunted by the technology, AAP Education will sort all of this for you. Presentations can utilise pre-recorded material or live and interactive material making the most of functionality like live chat, breakout groups, polls and reactions."

jeeremy white"AAP Education recently hosted my course The Shoulder: Theory and Practice as an online live course with participants from around the world (Australia, USA, UK, Iceland, Hong Kong). Some were having breakfast and others a midnight snack!. As a presenter, it is important to focus on course content (as I am not a great multi-tasker) and having a professional organisation like AAP Education shoulder (excuse the pun..) the administrative tasks, made the course all that more manageable for me and could engage more with the participants. AAP Education arranged enrolments, reminder emails, sending of links for my course manual and videos, and course certification. During each session the host admitted participants, arranged circulation of references and conducted polls, meaning I could solely focus on content delivery. If anyone was considering conducting a live online course, webinar or symposium, I would confidently recommend AAP Education from my experience."

Dr Jeremy Lewis

BTSPro F2F Options

1. BTSPro F2F BYO 

Our, Bring Your Own (BYO) service is designed for those presenters that would like to access AAP Education's advertising, marketing, web profile, certificate printing and 24/7 secure portal to launch their event. Event organisers will arrange their own travel, venue, insurance, accommodation, printing, transfers and catering services.

Access to Targeted Advertising for Your Event

Comodo secure website

  • AAP Education's secure database provides access to 4500+ curated database of interested clinicians; via web, email & newsletter.
  • Quality counts and word of mouth is our best marketing tool - 95% of past AAP Education participants say they "would recommend a colleague to attend an AAP Education course".
  • Advertising & Social Media - we get the word out about your event using relevant social media channels, online publications and blog posts.
  • Expand into other health professionals. AAP Education provides courses for doctors, chiropractors, podiatrists, osteopaths, myotherapists, exercise physiologists, massage therapists and other allied health practitioners. With our cross-sectional membership, you tap into new professions if and when appropriate for your event.

BTSPro F2F BYO Inclusions 

  1. Course-specific webpage (content and pictures supplied by the investor)
  2. Presenter profile and inclusion in AAP Education Faculty listing
  3. At least six inclusions in the regular monthly course mail-out to AAP Education 4500 members Dec | Feb | April | June | Aug | Oct
  4. Opportunity to include one advertorial/educational article as part of course mail-out
  5. Course listing on the AAP Education FB 'Events' page
  6. Inclusions at other intervals as appropriate on AAP Education's FB,  Twitter and Instagram

F2F BYO Investment

  1. An upfront listing and marketing fee of $900 (valid for one course, up to 3 locations, for 12 calendar months)
  2. A 25% commission for each course enrolment is processed through the AAP Education website.

2. BTSPro F2F Premium

You receive all the BTSPro F2F BYO benefits plus more. The premium service is ideal for the presenter that wants to focus on the task of presenting. Setting up webpages, mailing out course materials, marketing, arranging a venue, catering, AV and insurance are all time-consuming examples of distracting you from preparing the main event, your quality presentation. AAP Education with experience, contacts and local knowledge can set up and can do all this for you.

Comprehensive Administration of Your Event

  • AAP Education provides the complete organisation of your event; starting with creating and hosting an event web listing, selecting and booking a venue, covering public liability insurance requirements, provision of audio-visual and other equipment, meals & refreshments, accommodation and travel as necessary
  • AAP Education provides an encrypted website for enrolments and a PCI DSS compliant NAB Transact payment gateway for your event paymentsNAB Secure Transactions
  • AAP Education arranges your Event Manual printing or emailing (emanual), course reminders, electronic pre-reading material distribution, Certificate of Completion or Certificate of Competency printing and enrolee's name tags.

IT Services All Included

  • Listing your course as a featured event on the AAP Education website
  • Provision of an Event home page and a Presenter Profile page in our  AAP Education Faculty section
  • Provision of peace of mind with a secure enrolment & shopping cart, for course enrolments and payments
  • Optional distribution, of course, pre-reading materials to event enrolees
  • Mass email updates or marketing contact(s) with enrolees as necessary

F2F BYO Investment

  1. An upfront listing and marketing fee of $900 (valid for one course, up to 3 locations, for 12 calendar months)

Presenter Remuneration

Presenters are paid an appropriate daily rate based upon the authorship of material and level of experience, plus a profit share arrangement above AAP Education's break-even point. Presenter payments are made within 14 business days or sooner of account presentation.


BPTSPro Email Blasts to Full AAP Education Membership

Package A - Single email to all AAP Education members $400.

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Package B - Three same emails in a 6-month period to all AAP Education members $1080 (!0% discount).

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Package C - Six same emails in a 12-month period to all AAP Education members $2040 (15% discount).

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AAP Education looks forward to a long collaborative arrangement with presenters interested in assisting aspiring health professionals to obtain excellence in clinical and client management skills.