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Better nature

Introducing Better Nature

Better Nature Pain Relief products offer natural musculoskeletal pain relief in modern, scientific formulations to meet the needs of Health Professionals and their clients.

The product range provides broad-action, effective musculoskeletal pain relief, high tolerability both for Health Professionals and patients and a versatile choice of products for different patient groups.

Better Nature Pain Relief products contain a range of herbal plant and marine ingredients with multiple clinically-proven therapeutic effects. All Better Nature products are 100% naturally sourced, cruelty-free, GMO- free, bringing the best of nature together with the best pain management science.

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What’s included?

  • 2x Better Nature Pain Relief Cream 50g
  • 2x Better Nature Pain Relief BalmX 50g
  • 2x Better Nature Pain Relief Sports Gel 75g

Valued at $119.70

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