Receptionist lowCorporate. Work. Health.Australia provides a range of ergonomic online training. 

  • Workstation setup
  • Vehicle setup
  • Train the trainer - manual handling

These courses examines the ergonomic principles of setup, discusses relevant current literature, and guide you through a step-by-step process of assessment and modification based upon your client's needs.

You can find out more about there extensive ergonomic courses here.


gym girl LRCorporate. Work. Health.Australia also provides a range of satength and conditioning courses  bundled together to assist the allied health practitioners incorporate and understand the use of strength and conditioning priciples beyond in clinic rehabilitation programs. 

This course includes 7 online workshops (as noted below), containing 10.5 hours of online content. The strength and conditioning education package has been developed by health professionals for health professionals.

This course incorporates lectures and practical video demonstrations on how to modify, regress and progress the 7 key areas described below. Each module concludes with a quiz of your knowledge and a certificate of completion is awarded for each separate course.

Your strength & conditioning bundle includes;

  • introduction to exercise prescription
  • squat
  • hinge
  • upper body pull
  • upper body push
  • single leg and
  • trunk

Further details on this course can be found here.