Dr Ryan Stafford

Profile photo of Ryan StaffordDr Ryan Stafford is an Adjunct Research Fellow at the University of Western Australia and at the University of Queensland. Ryan is a passionate research scientist, with a background in Exercise Physiology (University of Saskatchewan) and collaborates with global leading researchers in men’s health. Specifically, Ryan pioneered real-time ultrasound (RTUS) imaging in the assessment of male pelvic floor function in men undergoing surgery for prostate cancer, and hence changed the way the Physiotherapists teach patients how to perform pelvic floor muscle training correctly to minimise urinary incontinence. You can read his Ph.D. thesis titled 'The function of the male pelvic floor: Old questions investigated through new methods' here.

Today, Ryan continues to lead research at the University of Queenslandand will present with Dr. Jo  Milios from The University of Western Australia, the use of real-time ultrasound during the course 'The Nuts & Bolts of Men's Health'.

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