Prof. Carolyn Richardson

Carolyn ImageThe GravityFit Exercise Model was developed by world renowned Professor of Physiotherapy, Carolyn Richardson (PhD) - the former leader of the acclaimed research team that introduced the concept of "Core Stability".

From Astronauts to Athletes - A Revolutionary Model of Exercise

With two functionally different muscle groups in the body in relation to Gravity ("Movement" and "Gravity" muscles), Professor Richardson found the addition of simple exercise that promotes healthy joints and bones and deals with the forces of gravity on the body can complement cardiovascular exercise and play a major role in injury prevention, enhanced athletic performance and overall health and well-being.

This insight wasn't an overnight revelation, but the product of extensive research into how the human body works and how its muscle systems respond to and deal with, environmental and lifestyle changes.

Professor Carolyn Richardson has been at the forefront of musculoskeletal research for over 30 years. With studies involving subjects at zero gravity and those dealing with the rigours of professional sport, the findings of her decades of work tell a fascinating story...

1980s - PhD research

Fast repetitive knee movement with the effect of Gravity removed found that the multi-joint muscles of the knee were activated but NOT the single joint muscles.

1990s Lumbar stabilisation research (core stability)

The theories of two functionally different muscles of the knee was applied to the low back and pelvis to reveal that the stabilising muscles don't perform adequately when low back pain is experienced. This research has formed the basis of the 'Core Stability' concept of exercise.

Early 2000s - Space (microgravity) research

Studies in situations with zero gravity revealed that the loss of Gravity Sensory Information (GSI) causes atrophy of the Gravity muscles and gradual deterioration of the bones.

More Recently - European Space Agency research

Research on the trunk muscles changed identification of the two functionally different muscle groups (i.e. they differ in their functional relationship to Gravity) and demonstrated that the lack of GSI in our modern western lifestyle on Earth contributes significantly to the loss of joint stability and bone strength.

Putting it all together

The GravityFit Exercise Model and GravityFit Training has been developed to improve the health of the general population, reduce the risk of injury, and maximise athletic performance. With some basic exercises and carefully designed simple tools, people can strengthen their deep Gravity muscles and develop Core Body Strength and Performance.