Here you will find a range of free clinical information

AAP Education provides educational experiences to aspirational  Physiotherapists, so they can better assist their clients to achieve optimal health. The information in this Free Stuff section is an example of the educational experiences that AAP Education provides.

We also provide F2F and online education and 1 on 1 mentoring.Student main pic

Here you have access to a wide range of documents, webinars, textbook recommendations, product and book reviews and much more. Really. This information is free with no strings attached. If you find the information useful, then we would suggest the following;

Step 1. Select one of the Free Resources available in the Free Stuff section and download it.

Step 2. Check out 'Creating Clinical Success' blog. If you thought this section had good information, the blog is a gold mine of clinically relevant information. One titled Clinical Kit - Iliopsoas Trigger Points was downloaded over 30,000 times in a year. Don't overload yourself, just read a couple and absorb.

Step 3. Join our Facebook group and be informed.

Welcome to the AAP Education tribe.

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