Upper Limb

This section contains generalised (Upper Limb Functional Index, Standard and Short Form) upper limb outcome measure questionnaires and joint specific questionnaires for shoulder, elbow and wrist.


Several prominent questionnaires have not been included due to recent research findings that question their validity:

  1. The DASH and UEFS - excessive internal consistency has been shown by multiple authors [ie Alpha Values > 0.95 indicate that item redundancy is present – to many questions ask the same thing (e.g. reference Terwee 2007 J Clin Epidem 60(1) 34-42)]
  2. QuickDASH – Dual factor structure has been shown by multiple authors [To score an outcome questionnaire with a single value it must have a single factor structure. e.g. reference Doward & McKenna 2004, Val Health 7(S1) S4-8]
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