Risk Screening Tools Library

Form fillingThese Risk Screening questionnaires are included as a source of reference for both the clinical and research settings. These questionnaires are used to identify factors that may influence your treatment outcomes. Through early identification, clinical strategies can be implemented to minimise these influences and reduce the risk of delayed recovery.

In general the OMSQ SF-12 (Orebro Musculoskeletal Screening Questionnaire SF 12) needs to be used in the clinical situation when there is the potential risk of delayed recovery, e.g. multi trauma, compensable environment, or the Full OMSQ (Full 21) for research situations. These tools are valid for general risk assessment into categories of low, medium and high for the potential at six months post injury of delayed recovery for functional status, absenteeism > 28 days and total costs of the claim > $10,000.

Cutoff points for OMSQ Short 12 and OMSQ Full 21 respectively are;

  • Low Risk: < 57 points, 83 points,
  • Medium Risk: 57 – 72 points, 83 - 114 points
  • High Risk: > 72 points, > 114 points

The remaining questionnaires are used in specific settings and circumstances as highlighted by their title and notes.

It is recommended that practitioners use Risk Screening tools in the first 1 to 2 appointments, to help identify potential risk factors for patient with compensable injuries or prolonged or complex injuries. A repeated use of these tools is only required if there has been a significant change in the patients circumstances or if an intervention strategy has been implemented and the revised status and risk level needs to be reassessed.

Results can be included in letters to referrers and insurance companies providing valid and reliable information for better client management.

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