Calcific Tendinopathy

It was just past 2 am and I had been awake since midnight.

In those 2 hours, I had shed some serious waterworks, popped my first Panadene forte in over 30 years, added Nurofen to the mix in hope, and roamed the house cradling my right arm. It was going to be a long night... Never thought I would say it, but thank goodness for Netflix.

If you would like to read the full personal and clinical account of my experience with calcific tendinopathy, so that you can better understand it from your client's perspective, add your details below and we will send you a copy. Guarantee it is better to read about it than to experience it!

Reading this personal account and understanding the underlying pathology, may help you to better understand that this is not just another 'rotator cuff' presentation. 


Happy reading

Dr Doug signaure