Fibromyalgia Syndrome

When was the last time you updated on Fibromyalgia Syndrome?

Did you know that current medical practice differs significantly from what clients prefer?

The report, titled "Fibromyalgia Syndrome: the current state of understanding" is a synthesis of current international guidelines and the importance for you as a practitioner providing treatment for these clients.

This report is provided in good faith and practitioners need to make clinical decisions based on individual situations.

Screenshot_2023-01-27_at_9.00.39_pm.pngReport Contents

Chapter 1 - FMS Definition & Classification

Chapter 2 - FMS Treatment: Medication

Chapter 3 - FMS Treatment: Exercise & Therapy

Chapter 4 - FMS Treatment: Education

Chapter 5 - FMS Treatment: Psychological Assistance

Chapter 6 - From a FMS client’s Point of View

Chapter 7 - FMS & Trigger Point Pain Comparison

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