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With the advent of the national registration boards there has been a seismic shift in course accreditation. No longer are national professional bodies able to award points based upon their accreditation system. Any form of professional development is eligible for accruing hours towards your national professional development requirements. Detailed information can be found in our Free Stuff section under Post Graduate Resources > AHPRA and then look for your profession.

AAP Education has a 100% No Risk Satisfaction Guarantee (the only one in Australia). Our courses are accredited and attract full continuing professional development credits towards AHPRA National Registration requirements. This means attending an AAP Education course will provide 75% or more (depending upon your course and profession) of your annual requirement.

We provide a Course Completion Certificatefor our 2 day and longer training events. Often AAP Education training is evaluated against learning outcomes and involves a mixture of viva quizzes, short & multi-choice questions and practical evaluations. In these courses participants will receive a Course Competency Certificate.

Your AAP Education CPD Includes;

  • 1*CPD hour per hour of course pre-reading/quiz and 1*CPD hour per hour of on site training

Education is a long-term investment. If you would like to invest in your future with the benefits of an AAP Education Accredited Program go to Courses for further information.

Enhance Clinical & Client Management Skills

AAP Education has evaluated its learning outcomes for since 1996, using post course evaluations and small group discussions. An important part of program development has been via this direct participant feedback.

    Examples of outcomes;
  • 100% participants said, “We would recommend this course to a colleague”
  • 100% participants said, “We would attend another course”
  • 95% participants said, “Supervision was adequate or more than adequate”
  • 90% participants said, “Course was highly relevant to their work”
  • 90% participants said, “Course was very interesting”
  • 92% participants said, “Education level was of high level”

Since providing the Anatomical Acupuncture Program in 1995, AAP Education has been at the forefront of post graduate education in Australia. As a direct reflection of this we offer our 100% No Risk Satisfaction Guarantee. YOU RISK NOTHING! Attend an AAP Education course and if you are not absolutely convinced that it will improve how you treat your clients, we will provide you with a complete refund. Try doing that with one of our competitors. We are the only ones who give a 100% No Risk Satisfaction Guarantee. Why? Because we are sure the course content quality and clinical insights you receive, guarantee you exceptional value for your money. 

For the clinical professional, we really strive to provide high quality, relevant & up to date programs. For instance, we only allow as a minimum standard, post graduate qualified health professionals to attend our courses. If you complete one of our courses feeling you haven't;

  • received top quality information OR
  • been clinically challenged OR
  • learnt new skills that will enriched your treatment repertoire

THEN we will happily refund your course fee. We guarantee your experience with us is memorable and will contribute to your lifelong learning in a meaningful way, so that you enjoy being a health professional helping clients regain their independence. If you would like to experience and AAP Education course go to Courses to select your preferred course.

Cancellation Policy

As part of our policy of transparency, we clearly outline our position to ensure there is no misunderstanding if you decide to cancel your enrolment.

From our part, to attract international, interstate or local presenters we require a degree of certainty of course numbers to arrange presenters' flights, accommodation, course venues and catering, often requiring  several months of lead time. Once a course is confirmed, AAP Education takes on several financial responsibiities to venue owners, catering staff and presenters. AAP Education needs to provide security to all parties in a fair manner, which is why we have our cancellation policy. We recommend that if you are engaging in air travel/accommodation booking, that you arrange travel insurance in the advent of a course cancellation.

Cancellation by You;

This applies to all course cancellations or transfers, including those due to medical, personal or family reasons.

  1. AAP Education will try to accommodate any changes but there is no guarantee. All changes incur our standard administration charge (SAC)
  2. An applicant who wishes to withdraw from a course must do so in writing.
  3. If you cancel your booking greater than 4 weeks from the course date, your refund for courses 2 days of less will be the course fee minus the SAC of $75. For courses longer than 2 days your refund will be the course fee minus $150.
  4. No refund is available less than four weeks from course date or non-attendance at a course.

The procedure for all other cancellations is to make them in writing, briefly explaining the reason for your cancellation. They can be sent to admin@aapeducation.com.auYou can pay your standard administration charge (SAC) here.

COVID If, due to Governmental restriction on travel to course venue or leaving place of habitation to reach the course venue you are unable to attend your course, then AAP Education will refund in full your course investment and no fee will be charged. Evidence will need to be supplied to support your COVID course refund. This refund does not include costs associated with travel or accommodation. We suggest the purchase of travel insurance.

Cancellation by AAP Education;

  1. AAP Education will endeavour to run all advertised courses. If circumstances occur that force us to cancel an event, you will receive a refund equal to the course fee (minus bank charges) or receive a credit to transfer towards another course on another date. Whichever is preferable to you.
  2. AAP Education aims to provide a minimum of 2 weeks notice.
  3. AAP Education is not held liable for any additional expenses you incur through cancelling the event e.g. travel expenses and accommodation.

Assessment, Manual & Certification

As part of our commitment to improving quality learning for post graduate health professionals we have always provided detailed course manuals and course completion certificates. We believe to maximise learning, participants need to step out of their normal comfort zone in a supportive environment and we provide this thorough self presented case studies and a variety of examination methods.

Course Assessment

During dry needling courses, practical, anatomical and theoretical tests are conducted. Rather than being intimidating, these tests are designed to stimulate greater understanding of presented materials. Discussions around answers help to clarify specific points of knowledge and provide opportunities for further discussion and learning.

Ongoing supervision is provided throughout course practical sessions. In courses that require very high degrees of technical skills, numbers are particularly limited (Advanced Dry Needling and Master courses) to enhance learning and improve safety.

Course participants are required to prepare & present one case study on each Advanced Courses (of approximately 5 minutes). This will include areas of history, examination, clinical reasoning, treatment and outcome. An important part of developing as a clinician is the ability to communicate clearly to both clients and observers what you are doing and why you have chosen what you have chosen. Along with pre reading, course attendance, examination, case presentation is a valuable learning tool.

Course Manual

A bound and referenced course manual ior emanual s provided for each course that is continually updated. The course manual is designed to provide you with a resource that you will refer back to throughout your clinical career.


Course Certification

Course competition certificates are provided at the end of each course. Please note on application process your preferred name to be printed on your certificate. These are your record of having attended the specific course and may be required as evidence for your professional continuing education development. Replacement copies can be obtained by logging on, navigating to the course webpage and scrolling to the bottom. Click on register.

Program Development

The Program

The Anatomical Acupuncture Program is a comprehensive eight-day program, providing clinicians with intensive tuition in an integrated approach to dry & segmental needling, pain neurophysiology and functional anatomy. Building upon participants’ own examination skills, it teaches the safe application of dry needling techniques on a regional basis providing clinical examples to assist understanding of technique application. New research findings are continually added to courses and course manuals are extensively referenced and updated.

The program consists of four courses that can be undertaken individually or concurrently depending upon participant’s preference. Each course requires coursework pre study of approximately 4-6 hours.

The Introductory/Refresher Course is designed as a ‘taster/refresher course’ for practitioners to determine if they like the modality of dry needling or for those that may have limited experience that wish to update prior learning. Muscles selected are clinically important but relatively easy to needle to enable participants’ time to develop needling technique and skill. Fibromyalia is also covered.

Participants that have completed this course have fulfilled the minimum requirement of study and demonstrated competency in the techniques taught on the Introductory/Refresher Course.

The Advanced Upper Quadrant Course teaches assessment and treatment of facial, neck, thoracic spine, shoulder, arm and hand muscles. Technically more difficult these muscles require better hands on skills including tissue differentiation and landmark location. Headaches, Nausea and Hypermobility and also covered.

Participants that have completed this course have fulfilled the additional requirements of study and demonstrated competency in the techniques taught on the Advanced Upper Quadrant Course.

The Advanced Lower Quadrant Course teaches advanced assessment and treatment of muscles of the low back, pelvis, abdomen, hip, thigh, shin and foot. Technically more difficult these muscles require better hands on skills including tissue differentiation and landmark location. Electro acupuncture and plantar fasciitis are also covered.

Participants that have completed this course have fulfilled the additional requirements of study and demonstrated competency in the techniques taught on this Advanced Lower Quadrant Course.

The Master Needling Course is starting in 2011 for practitioners who wish want to go that extra bit clinically. For practitioners with a minimum of 2 years of needling after completion of both Advanced Quadrant courses, this program will cover new techniques, new muscles and follow a large amount of individual group direction with participants able to request specific topics to suit them.

Assessment, Manual & Certification

During each course practical, anatomical and theoretical tests are conducted. These tests are designed to stimulate greater understanding of presented materials. Ongoing supervision is provided throughout course practical sessions. Numbers are particularly limited in Advanced Courses to enhance learning.

Course participants are required to present one case study (of approximately 5-10 minutes). This will include topics of history, examination, clinical reasoning, treatment and outcome.

A bound & referenced course manual is provided for each course that is continually updated. For purchase of the most recent course manual see Shop

Course competition certificates are provided at the end of each course. Please note on application process your preferred name to be printed on your certificate.

Course Benefits for You Include:

1. Ability to provide additional option for your clients
2. Quicker improvements in a majority of musculoskeletal conditions
3. Unlock difficult musculoskeletal conditions
4. 'Cure' 35% of acute muscle tears
5. Protect and preserve your thumbs
6. Provide a unique marketing advantage for your services

The Anatomical Acupuncture Program courses are popular and fill quickly. Course numbers are limited to reflect the degree of close supervision required. Course confirmation can only be made on receipt of your course application form and course payment.

Cancellation Policy

All cancellations are to be made in writing. Cancellations before 4 weeks will receive a full refund minus an administration fee. No refund will be given to cancellation less than 4 weeks prior to course commencement date.

Your Education Fund

Are you having trouble recruiting staff or finding high quality, stimulating PD training?

From personal experience we notice the growing requirement of new and recent graduates to attend quality, regular professional development. At the same time practice principals in small clinics are increasingly under management load; legal, taxation, superannuation, marketing, and other compliance requirements. When it comes to new staff recruitment or possibly existing staff retention, the small practices struggles to be attractive against larger practices, with inbuilt new graduate training programs, practitioners with specialty skills in a variety of areas and bigger budgets with economies of scale. Sound familiar?

It doesn't have to be that way with our turnkey service "Your Education Fund", because all the work is done for you. Investing in your staff is an immediate benefit for your clients and your clinic. Put simply, you can now offer existing staff and new potential staff, a suite of professional development opportunities. You decide how many courses you want to invest in and your staff can choose which specific course(s) they wish to attend.

Your Benefits

  • Your ability to customise what and how many courses available
  • Ability to offer attractive professional development courses as part of prospective staff recruitment and current staff retention
  • Flexibility for staff to choose their own professional development courses
  • No professional development planning or designing of staff in-services required
  • Preferred Notification of future courses before general public advertisement

  • Plus Additional Bonus

  • High Quality AAP Education benefits like our secure website and our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Accredited courses with hour-for-hour national registration requirements & Course Completion Certificate

How Does The Education Fund Work?

  • You select and pay via SHOP a Education Fund Package
  • You receive a special coupon code that staff use when booking their course
  • You inform staff of their entitlement to attend a certain number of courses per year
  • Staff select course, enrol online and 'pay' using provided coupon code (% saving on normal course fee)
  • You receive Preferred Notification status; emails and newsletters of upcoming courses before general advertisement
  • As an idea, you could offer a professional development course as part of your clinic reward program or annual prize

    Available 2014 Packages

    Package 1 - Investment $140

  • 1-5 AAP Education PD courses @ 5% per course saving
  • Package 2 - Investment $440

  • 6-10 AAP Education PD courses @ 7.5% per course saving
  • Package 3 - Investment $840

  • 11-15 AAP Education PD courses @ 10% per course saving
  • Larger Packages

    Please contact the aapeducation team if you require more than 15 courses.

    Take action and ensure a variety of professional development opportunities for your health professionals without allocating your personal time. Have a look at the 2013 Options now.