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Master Needling Course

The Master Needling Course is starting in 2012 for practitioners who wish want to go that extra bit clinically. For practitioners with a minimum of 2 years of needling after completion of both Advanced Quadrant courses, this program will cover new techniques, new muscles and follow a large amount of individual group direction with participants able to request specific topics to suit them.


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Introductory/Refresher Course

The Introductory/Refresher Course is designed as a ‘taster/refresher course’ for practitioners to determine if they like the modality of dry needling or for those that may have limited experience that wish to update prior learning. Muscles selected are clinically important but relatively easy to needle to enable participants’ time to develop needling technique and skill. Fibromyalia is also covered.

Course Date Course Location  
September 17 & 18 2011 NOW FULL Perth  
September 19 & 20 2011 ADDITIONAL COURSE Perth  
January 21 & 22 2012 Perth  


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