Introductory/Refresher Course

The Introductory/Refresher Course is designed as a ‘taster/refresher course’ for practitioners to determine if they like the modality of dry needling or for those that may have limited experience that wish to update prior learning. Muscles selected are clinically important but relatively easy to needle to enable participants’ time to develop needling technique and skill. Fibromyalia is also covered.

Course Date Course Location  
September 17 & 18 2011 NOW FULL Perth  
September 19 & 20 2011 ADDITIONAL COURSE Perth  
January 21 & 22 2012 Perth  


Participants that have completed this course have fulfilled the minimum requirement of study and demonstrated competency in the techniques taught on the Introductory/Refresher Course.

Since providing top quality, value for money course since 1996 we have refined our courses based upon comprehensive post course evaluations. We do things differently, for positive reasons.

For this reason we don’t provide;

  • Lunch. Everyone’s tastes and needs are individual. There are so many excellent cafes and food outlets within walking distance you can treat you or bring along last nights extras. Microwave, café toaster and fridge are available.
  • Early Bird Rates. Basically our courses are exceptional value – not just before the last month, but all the time.
  • Comprehensive Pre- Reading. Participants tell us they are too busy to study up before the course. Not ideal but reality. We provide instead anatomy quizzes to guide your learning with an optional reading list. The quizzes are more fun and more clinically relevant. The course manual is extensively referenced using Endnote and will provide plenty of targeted follow-up reading if you so desire.
  • Course Accreditation. We haven’t sought APA accreditation, as it doesn’t change the course quality. Each course run would attract an fee of approximately $450, which would be additional money participants would need to pay. Previous feedback has overwhelmingly suggested that the benefits aren’t worth the additional cost. You still earn one point per hour of tuition and course preparation.

What we do provide;

  • A course director who is a fulltime clinical practitioner with nearly 25 years treating musculoskeletal injuries. Trained in dry needling and acupuncture he is also a clinical specialist in Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy (since 2009) and has been teaching the Anatomical Acupuncture Program for 15 years (110 courses and building).
  • A comprehensive, illustrated, bound and referenced course manual
  • Needle starter pack (Valued $30.00) to get you started with supplies
  • Courses completion certificate
  • Clinically challenging and ground breaking course that is backed by our 100% guarantee (first and only guarantee in Australia)

CPD Points

APA: 1 point per course hour for continuing education
CAA and COCA: This program has been assessed by the Chiropractors’ Association of Australia (National) Ltd and allocated 16 Formal Learning Activity Hours for CAA and COCA members