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Be Professionally Ready - Registration

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Seeing the light at the end of the student tunnel? 

Awesome! Students due to complete an Australian approved program of study can smooth the path from student to professional by following the six steps to registration for graduates.

Step 1

Students apply for registration four to six weeks before completing their course - you will receive a letter in late September/early October.

Step 2

Applicants fill out an online application(if eligible and have a credit card ready) or download an application form. This is kind of a pre registration to registration.

Step 3

Applicants send supporting documents to AHPRA by mail to complete the application. For online applications, you must supply your supporting documents within 60 days or your application may be withdrawn. This includes;

  1. Your Next Steps Checklist email print-out as the coversheet
  2. Certified copies of your proof of identity documents
  3. Certified copies of your name change documentation (if applicable)
  4. A certified copy of your academic qualification (if you have received it)
  5. Evidence that you meet your profession’s English Language Skills Registration Standard (if applicable)
  6. A signed and dated written statement with details of your criminal history (if applicable)
  7. A signed and dated written statement with details of any impairments and how they are managed (if applicable)

Supporting documentation when you have it is sent to:

The Physio Registrations Team
GPO Box 9958
CAPITAL CITY [in which you completed your approved program of study]

Step 4

Education providers (your university) advise AHPRA when applicants are eligible to graduate.

Step 5

AHPRA finalises assessment, confirms registration, publishes new graduates’ names on the national register of practitioners and sends out registration certificates.

Step 6

New graduates registered with their profession’s National Board are eligible to start work as soon as their name is published on the national register.

Please note

You will need a Visa, Mastercard credit or debit card to apply online. 

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