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Dry Needling Information Presentation

Following requests from students that have attended and also those that were unable to attend, we have uploaded the 2013 evening presentation, being the last one that was recorded with both audio and video.

Please review the presented information and recognise that some information may now be slightly out of date, however, the bulk of the information is still of value to those new to dry needling and acupuncture.

Click icon to download (mp4 470MB)

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Bonus 1: Dry Needling & Acupuncture

Well, add your details below and I will send you some really interesting, valuable information relating to dry needling and acupuncture;

  • dry needling infection control article
  • reference articles plus my commentary
  • safety aspects of needling
  • anatomy up-skilling tips
  • 'miracle muscle' techniques
  • key assessment pointers
  • yup, plus a whole lot more

Soon to be Private Practitioner

What is happening to me? The transition from university to private practice can be an abrupt jolt. From having a few clients, hour-long assessments and a supervisor on tap to guide you through unknown situations at Uni, you suddenly find yourself in a room, just you and your client. Client-after-client. All the clients have expectations because they are paying you for your professional services. You are presented with a range of conditions you don’t fully understand, struggle staying on time through the day and perhaps working long hours. On top of that, you are expected to build a caseload and have marketing requirements to fulfil. That is a jolt. Sometimes, so much it puts people off their profession but we understand and have developed some great tools to help ease your transition and assist you to grow as a private practitioner.

See Critical Resources for Graduates and Strive & Thrive in Private Practice Course

Bonus 2 Private Practitioners Mindsets

Are you looking to become involved in private practice or perhaps you have recently made the transition? Congratulations, it is truly an environment that presents a fantastic array of options - but with so much, it can also be daunting. In this email sequence, I am going to be sending you 9 Mindset emails gold nuggets, that will touch upon important areas of being a successful private practice clinician, and along the way introduce you to my online course that helps practitioners discover the secrets not taught at Uni.

So, after you have had a read, you will have a better idea what and how I teach. All from the security of your sofa!

Doug Cary AAP Education Clinical Director

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