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Clinical Prediction Software to Demonstrate Treatment Improvements following a New Treatment Approach

Initial Client Details

The client’s back pain was sustained at work during manual handling tasks, as a hospital ward nurse, in June 2012.
The patient developed pain on exertion and was off work for 4 months. The client returned part-time in September, then ceased in November. Initial assessment and history shows a slow, gradual improvement using a medical and physiotherapy rehabilitation approach of manual treatment, work hardening and strength exercises.

Screening is the orange diamond and predicts the recovery time.
Outcome measures are the blue dots showing status
The Green line indicates the best regression line to show potential progress
Clinical Prediction Chart 1 Yellow Flag Screening

In November the client was reassessed by a different independent therapist. The 2nd therapist assessment highlighted several yellow flags as the primary causes of pain and functional loss. The treatment approach utilised education (Explain Pain approach as per the NOI group) and a combination of acupuncture and dry needling. Function improved and yellow flags measures reduced.

Clinical Prediction Chart 2 Yellow Flag Screening

Following a further week of home exercises and a self-trial of increased ADLs, the client’s status improved further and they returned to work.

Clinical Prediction Chart 3

Charting Benefits

The use of clinical prediction charts with status points and recovery thresholds provides a clear presentation of client history and status to all stakeholders; client, insurer, employer, therapist and GP.

Clinical prediction charts also provide valuable feedback & motivation for the client and may assist the therapist to justify the costing of an alternative approach.

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