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Red Coral

Provider of Dry Needling and Acupuncture Needles redcorallogo3.png

Red Coral is a supplier of superior quality needles and products for acupuncture and dry needling. Red Coral Acupuncture aims to help provide a better standard of Eastern and Western health care through the delivery of exceptional products in a timely manner, combined with outstanding service.

At Red Coral, we have manufactured our own range of needles with the direct consultation of health professionals to deliver a range of high-quality acupuncture and dry needles at accurate prices that far outweighs other acupuncture suppliers on the market. We are dedicated to only carrying the best quality needles for our clients. All of our needle products are produced using high quality German surgical stainless steel, enabling the clinician to deliver a pain-free acupuncture and dry needling experience to their patients.Red Coral

All of Red Coral’s products are of the highest quality and are at fair prices.

The Red Coral range of acupuncture needles includes the Red Coral Premium, Red Coral J-Type and Red Coral Natural and the only dry needle on the market, the Myotech Dry Needles, for clinicians wanting superior quality needles at the best available price without compromising manufacturing standards. 

Members' Benefit

Red Coral is an Event Partner, providing dry needling supplies for AAP Education's Level 1 Introductory Dry Needling  Events. Participants on these courses receive a generous starter pack of needles to take home to the clinic and use immediately after the completion of the course.