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Welcome to Physio+10, the bi-monthly show that puts you in contact with clinicians, researchers, administrators and entrepreneurs with 10+ years of Physiotherapy experience under their belts. The aim of Physio+10 is simple – to share the stories of physios that have been in the profession for 10+ years and learn from their experiences.


Firstly Physio+10 will help you look into your future by understanding others' past. A wise person told me that to understand what I might be doing in 10 years, was to talk with and hang out with people of that age and experience. Physio+10 will explore why guests chose physiotherapy, mentors that guided them, events that shaped their decisions, how they achieved work-life balance and what they see for the profession in the future. Absorb their experiences, knowledge and insights.

As physios, we have the luxury of being an autonomous profession. This doesn’t mean that we don’t collaborate with other health professionals, not at all, rather we can and do on a daily basis, make decisions that  improves the health of our patients, without relying on or being dictated to by other health professionals. We are a health building profession and our skills and training enable us to be primary contact professionals. This primary contact status is due to those physios that have gone before us, that have opened new opportunities and have shaped our profession as it is today. This process is ongoing. So, the second reason for the Physio+10 podcast is to acknowledge those Physios that have and are shaping our profession in their own individual ways.

Guest will be 'classified' based on their years post graduation; Awards copy

  • 10 years Kangaroo award (bouncing around and full of beans)
  • 20 years Kookaburra award (a good balance of brains and communication)
  • 30 years Koala award (strong on observation and action) 
  • 40+ years Platypus award (a survivor and still in the ‘game')

While Physio+10 does explore the journey of individual Physiotherapists, podcast host Dr Doug Cary asks each guest a range of common questions;

  • how did you get started and what influenced you?
  • was there a period when you left the profession and what pulled you back?
  • if you could reach back in time, what would you tell your younger self to make your journey more rewarding?
  • what were three key moments in your professional life and why?
  • where do you see the professional heading in 5 years

Research Bullets for Physio+10 Podcast

Physio+10 will also include short takes from researchers showcasing their research and explaining the 'real world' relevance of their research to assist in the translation of research into clinical practice. 

The reserach bullets aim to provide listeners with an insight into research and its clinical translation;

  • Background of why it is professionally important
  • What you have been doing so far
  • What are your key findings so far
  • How this research could be related to clinical practice

As a physiotherapist with 10+ years experience and a story to tell, please email a brief biography to podcast host to express your interest. 

As a researcher with research to share please email podcast host for details or upload your mp4 audio file to DropBox and email a link email podcast host

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You can listen to each episode here or if you would like show notes, mentioned links and guest biographies, shoot over to our dedicated Physio+10 website.
Either way, thanks for listening and providing a rating that will enable others to find the journies of these exceptional Physiotherapists.