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Clinic Requirements

Range of Useful Dry Needling Items & Awesome Service

Please note that due to the setup of this shopping cart you can only purchase 'one' type of item transaction. It is setup in this way due to our provision of quality courses with individual confirmation emails. I know, not ideal if you want a few of this and a few of that of the needling supplies.

For this reason we have good looking (oh - but you can't see them) and fun to talk to admin staff to answer your call and put your order together and in the mail.

So give us a call 08 90715055 from 8.00 - 5.00 pm Monday to Friday when you want to have a more complicated order, or prefer to talk with a human.


Highest Quality

We provide the best quality Japanese and Chinese needles available in a variety of useful clinical lengths, and when available with guide tubes. All acupuncture needles are single use, disposable and sterilised with EOG. All are individually blister packed in packets of 100 needles.

Metal & Plastic Tops

Seirin are plastic top except for the 60mm, which is the longest available. All Hwato needles have a metal top.

Postage & Handling Fee

To simplify the service to our clients, we provide a flat rate of postage and handling for acupuncture needles Australia wide of $10 for 5 or less boxes and of needles and $15 for 6-10 boxes. After selecting your supplies please manually add the correct freight selection based upon the number of needles ordered.

Other Clinical Supplies

We have available stainless steel kidney dishes (17cm long) and Sharps containers (1.8L) of an ideal size to use in the clinic or on home visits.