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APA Membership & Support

Thank you so much for the countless emails, lamenting the decision the APA has taken. Members are definitely NOT happy based upon the volume of emails and blog hits/comments that we have been receiving since November. We have advised members to renew their membership for 2016. Some have chosen not to and let me know;

"I will not be renewing my membership due to the proposed changes to restrict non APA courses being advertised via APA and also their restriction on using APA premises. I think it anti competitive, a backwards step and have been disappointed with the APAs response to members on this matter. I will be taking out independent insurance. I will renew membership if/when the situation changes."

which I both totally understand and totally respect. I was also not going to renew, however I reasoned that to change our organisation, with some pulling out and making a financial statement, some needed to stay and be working from within our APA. On behalf of those that have pulled out, I and others will continue to push for these regressive changes to be reversed. Whether an APA member or not, you will continue to receive information on what is happening via AAP Education emails.

What can you do?

I am being asked by many how can they become involved. Start simple is always my suggestion and build momentum. It only takes a few important minutes, and here are three suggestions.

  1. Given the direction the APA has chosen to take in regards to restricting access to professional development for members, we have taken the decision to place more of our course information on AAP Education's FB page and are asking members to like and bookmark to this page, to keep up to date with new course changes. ACTION: Like us here https://www.facebook.com/aapeducation
  2. The APA has restricted your access to PD. ACTION: You can read or join others in voicing your dissatisfaction at this position the APA has taken, by posting your experiences or comments on this blog post.
  3. I have on behalf of many other signatories, submitted a letter to the APA Board of Directors, who are our elected representatives and therefore are in a position to influence APA executive. ACTION: {subtag:name|part:first|ucfirst}, I would suggest contacting your special interest group committee members, or State representative. They can pass your opinion onto their National Advisory Committee (NAC) representative. This important group provides policy direction to the Board. We will await to see what is their response to this situation. We are planning the next series of actions depending upon the Boards activity or inactivity on this matter.

PD Calendar for 2016

The up to date PD offering from AAP Education for 2016 is now available. You can download a copy from here http://www.aapeducation.com.au/courses.html. Please note that for international guests (Nick Clark - The Knee, Julie Ann Day - Fascial Manipulation) to attend Australia, we need to have confirmed early enrolments. To encourage you to make this commitment we are providing early bird discounts. Your early support in this matter is very much appreciated and ensures we continue to attract overseas presenters of exceptional caliber.

Keep in the loop

With the recent change in direction at the APA, it looks likely that AAP Education will be unable to advertise through InMotion or other APA publications any more. For this reason we will be primarily posting up to date course changes, short pieces and links of clinical importance onto our FaceBook page. Please take a second to LIKE this page via this LINK and in this way stay up to date.

Clinical pieces will continue to be emailed fortnightly via the Clinical Kits newsletter.