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Do you thrive on a challenge? Prefer to shape your job, goals, and lifestyle?

Do you struggle with time management? Want to improve your communication?

Want to know the secrets of motivation and professional longevity?

Avoid Overwhelm. Learn How.

University undergraduate courses for health professionals have their clinical practice component steeped in a hospital tradition. Fair enough, that was where most graduates headed to after completing their degree. Well, they did 20+ years ago. Not so in recent times. A much larger number of graduates are heading directly into private practice and the expectations and skillsets required are significantly different. What happens? Stress, overwhelm, confusion, dissatisfaction.

Quotes from mates & the areas they struggled with:

"I'm finding it hard to be able to manage a crazy/busy caseload of on average 45 hours a week and be able to also balance life outside of my working hours. I find I have no time for anything - friends, family, exercise, social etc.. This really makes me unhappy and anxious."

"Marketing. This was something we never learned at uni."

"Self-doubt! I know I know a lot of stuff, but pulling it out of the brain at the right time, with confidence, and making it all make sense for a patient on the spot is a huge challenge - especially when, as a student, we always had time to step out of the room, process, chat and discuss things with a supervisor, and then re-enter the room."

"When I first started I found it difficult to combine a meaningful assessment, whilst thinking to myself the direction I was going to take with the treatment and then being able to effectively communicate with the patient without seeming like I wasn't confident. I guess it was all pretty overwhelming"

Do any of these resonate with you?

Graduates from universities just aren't taught sufficient client management & communication skills, how to time manage your appointment day, recognise and avoid burnout, what to do with that 'challenging personality" or how to build a successful caseload. Some of these essential skills are clinical, some business and others are marketing. The reality is that to have them all at your fingertips as a professional means your private practice experience is more successful and more rewarding.

After 25 years of working in private practice and teaching/mentoring recent graduates for the past 16 years, I realised the transition into private practice could all be much simpler, more efficient, and definitely a lot less stressful by applying successful strategies and better understanding what truly motivates clients to ask for your help. I have put all these ideas to together into an online 8-week course. This course - Strive & Thrive in Private Practice, will provide you with the glue to join your clinical skills learned at Uni, with client psychology, marketing, and time management plus more, to ensure success whether you are working within or running your own private practice.

I started providing post-graduate education in 1996 and initially, this focused on developing clinical programs that emphasise evidence-based clinical skills. With a team of presenters, AAP Education has grown to provide a diverse range of clinical skill training that I wished as a clinician, I had at my fingertips - 30 years ago!

Course Content 

However, having great clinical skills is not enough when you are in private practice.

Strive & Thrive Private Practice is an exciting course in which we cover a diverse range of necessary non-clinical skills. Topics like;

  • Dealing with 3rd party organisations e.g. DVA, MVA, and Workers' Compensation organisations
  • Ensuring you have and understand Personal and Professional protection
  • Understanding your needs and finding an acceptable balance with client demands
  • The Ideal Appointment
  • Strategies to minimise and positively manage stress and overwhelm
  • Micro and Macro time efficiency
  • Develop your own niche caseload and business within the bigger organisation
  • Dealing with difficult or challenging clients
  • Motivation, Marketing, and Communication
  • Building your long-term future

This 12-week online course includes the following core modules and you will progress, step by step along a structured and logical pathway towards becoming a more confident and understanding private practitioner.

Module 0: Your Journey Starts Here!

Module 1: Personal and Business Essentials: Laying a Solid Foundation - getting all the paperwork in order.

Module 2: Time Management Essentials: Staying on Track and on Time.

Module 3: Client Psychology Essentials - Paradigms and the 'Stumble Bumble Principal'.

Module 4: Managing Challenging Clients Essentials - Understanding and managing client personalities.

Module 5: Communication Essentials - Understanding clients & clients understanding you.

Module 6: Motivation Essentials - Building motivation muscle and professional longevity.

Module 7: Marketing Essentials - Being sought for the professional you are.

Module 8: Longevity Essentials - Planning Your Future - Now!

Each Module has a 'Vault' of downloadable, useful materials to fast-track your integration of the related Module's information.


Honestly, this 8-module course is jam-packed with information, ideas, reflective thinking, and trialling of systems to see what works in your situation.

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Feedback from Past Participants

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Supporting New Graduates into Private Practice (Video)


AAP Education provides annual prizes to graduates at Curtin University. One of the prizes made available is 12-month access to the Strive & Thrive in Private Practice course for 2 new graduates. You can check out an interview with the 2 winners at the 2018 award ceremony here.


What to do next?

Option 1. Are you ready to launch into a proven and comprehensive program to help you become a better clinician?

Let's face it, getting the ideal job is tough. Sure, good marks help but imagine in your job interview pulling out your Strive & Thrive in Private Practice course completion certificate. Now that would be a leg up on other candidates. Willingness to invest in your own career is a big tick for any future employer.

Enrolment in the Strive & Thrive in Private Practice online course is only available via our AAP Education Online Academy.

Option 2. You are keen, but not sure about fast-tracking your private practice skills....yet. Screen Shot 2021-12-21 at 3.50.36 pm.png

Okay. If you would like to get started but not full bore, sign up for our free Strive & Thrive in Private Practice Mindsets email course.

This mindsets email course includes;

  • understanding what your patient really wants
  • business within a business
  • maximise motivation, optimise time
  • managing 3rd party payers
  • holding a steady caseload
  • the differential diagnosis
  • creating time for the time-poor clinician
  • 3 special bonuses

By examining the essential mindsets necessary to succeed in private practice, you will fast-track your journey to becoming a successful and independent private practitioner.

Best wishes!

Dr Doug signaure