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In addition to providing a range of course for your to feast you PD lips on, we continually look to develop partnerships with companies that can provide you with additional useful clinical resources and value. This email will outline some of the benefits you can access being an AAP Education member. These benefits are only available to you. AAP Education doesn't receive any payment or reward.

Advise Rehab

Charting Software

Possibly the only clinical prediction software in the world, Advise Rehab was developed by Australian researcher and clinician Dr. Phil Gabel . Now backed by numerous research papers, Advise Rehab software provides a charting aspect to outcome measures that can be used as a motivational tool for clients and objective data for notes and letters to referrers and third party payees.

AAP Education Special Offer
AdviseRehab is offering;

  • one month free membership trial
  • 15% discount off their normal monthly subscription fee


Known literally around the world for their attention to detail and ongoing product improvement, Athlegen leads the way in providing the highest quality treatment plinths. We have used them both in the clinic and on all courses for the past 16 years - fantastic equipment.

AAP Education Special Offer

Athlegen is offering a 5% discount to all AAP Education members across their range of treatment tables and accessories.


As exclusive distributors of Samsung Medison and Zonare ultrasounds, InSight brings exceptionally high quality US units into Australia.

AAP Education Special Offer

InSight, as a Premium Partner is offering a 10% discount to all AAP Education members across their exclusive range of Samsung Medison and Zonare ultrasound machines. They are offering a 20% discount across their US range, purchased by attendees to an AAP Education US Course (Conducted by Peter Esselbach). This bonus easily covers your initial investment in attending your course!


In addition to being our new course venue, Trinity provides motel style accommodation with breakfast included. With UWA and Kings Park across the road, it is a beautiful & relaxing area of Perth to stay. Only a 2 minute walk to the course so you can sleep longer with no transport or parking hassles.

AAP Education Special Offer

Trinity offers accommodation at a special discount rate of $111/night including breakfast for a motel room for all guests attending an AAP Education course or workshop. When booking your room, ask for Jenna Madureira, Conference & Guest Services Manager and let her know you are attending an AAP Education course.

Visible Body

On of our most popular Premium Partners, Visible body provides the ultimate in 3D anatomy. Either on desktop or mobile devices, it provides an great resource for anatomy study or increasing client understanding in the clinic. I would recommend the Human Anatomy because in addition to the muscular module, you also receive all the other body systems.

AAP Education Special Offer

Visible Body, as a Premium Partner is offering a 10% discount to all AAP Education members on their desktop software versions (Muscular Anatomy and Human Anatomy). Because the app versions are purchased through the App Store, no discount can be offered.

Recent Blogs of Interest

To take advantage of these unique offers, contact us admin@aapeducation.com.au and we will provide the appropriate coupon code and advice. Remember these benefits are provided to you being an AAP Education Member, no one else, just you.

All the best,


Specialist Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist

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