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Frustrated with Home Exercise Program Compliance?

Have you ever felt constrained by your drawing skills or the proforma program available in your clinic when prescribing a home exercises program?

Have you had clients come back, demonstrating 'one of your exercises', but you had never taught it!

 I certainly did, and this was the genesis of VideoXs - Total Client Customisation and Total Clinician Flexibility.

Your Key Benefits

  • In combining text with video, VideoXs is completely personalised to your client. No stick figures, No photocopies, No out of date or ‘standard’ home exercise programs
  • Because clinicians communicates using slightly different terms, we have enabled customisation of goals, problem list, solutions options, exercise module and even final output to the client

Lets walk through some of the interesting features......


OR/ you can jump straight to app store as it has just been released - October 2012 - VideoXs direct link


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